The number of global COVID-19 cases has exceeded 5 million and has spread rapidly in South America
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COVID-19: The world has surpassed 9 million infections and nearly 500,000 deaths

According to statistics on the Worldometer site on the morning of June 22, the world has surpassed the milestone of 9 million cases of Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19), more than 470,000 people have died from the pandemic.

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In the Worldometer’s ranking, the United States is still the world leader in the number of cases and deaths with more than 2.3 million cases and 122,238 deaths. In the past week, the US has an average of more than 25,000 new cases per day.

Ranked in second place is Brazil. The country has surpassed more than 1 million cases and more than 50,000 deaths, although experts say the true figure in Brazil may be even higher due to incomplete statistics. In particular, Brazil has more than 55,000 new cases of the day.

The next three positions in the “top 5” are Russia (more than 580,000 cases, more than 8,000 deaths), India (more than 420,000 cases, more than 13,000 deaths) and the United Kingdom (more than 300,000 cases and 42,000 cases). dead).

By region, the Americas are still the “epidemic” of the world, with the number of special cases sharply increasing not only in the US but also in Brazil, Mexico and Chile.

In Asia, the majority of countries have somewhat controlled the situation, but some countries still have a strong number of cases increasing daily such as Iran (an increase of 2,000 cases compared to June 21), Pakistan (an increase of 4,000 cases), Saudi Arabia (an increase of more than 3,000), Bangladesh (an increase of more than 3,500), Qatar and Indonesia (each country has an increase of more than 800 new infections compared to the previous day, June 21).

However, the risk of a second outbreak is present in China and Korea. In Beijing, many newly discovered cases at the outbreak are the Tan Thien Dia wholesale market. In South Korea, health authorities have detected nearly 200 COVID-19 cases associated with employees of a home delivery company in Seoul and at least 70 other infections related to one. table tennis club.

In Europe, the Wuhan Pneumonia epidemic is on the decline, many countries have been easing measures to control epidemics and restore the economy. However, the epidemic situation is still at high risk of flare up again.

Earlier, on June 21, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned the world was entering a dangerous new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic as the number of infected people continuously set a record.

WHO cited data showing that on June 20, the world recorded more than 183,000 cases of COVID-19, the strongest intraday increase ever and exceeded a record of more than 181,000 cases on June 18. .

Many analysts have pointed out that the world still faces a major challenge without vaccines, emphasizing the need to remain vigilant and ensure that small outbreaks are quickly controlled so as not to flare up. outbreaks of large outbreaks resulting in loss of control.

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