Cousin of Joyce Echaquan "I am very devastated"

Cousin of Joyce Echaquan “I am very devastated”

The family of the Attikamek woman who died at the Joliette hospital on Monday after posting a live video showing health professionals mistreating her and making racist remarks against her are completely devastated in the aftermath of this tragedy which has upset everyone. Quebec.

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“I am very devastated. Because death is sad. But it’s even more heartbreaking to learn how they treated her and how she died, ”said Joyce Echaquan’s cousin, Karine Echaquan, in an interview with the QMI Agency.

“Last night I couldn’t sleep and I could still hear his screams,” she added.

Often in the hospital

Joyce Echaquan was a mother of seven children. Last Saturday, she arrived at Joliette hospital by ambulance because she was suffering from an upset stomach.

The 37-year-old was well known to professionals at this hospital due to her heart problems and childbirth.

According to her cousin, Karine Echaquan, she often operated her cell phone because she knew she was being mistreated within the walls of this establishment.

The video posted live on Facebook by the mother of the family is proof of this.

“You made some bad choices my dear. What would your children think to see you like this? Think of them a little … It’s better to stuff than anything else, and we pay for it. Who do you think is paying for that? ”, Are a few sentences that were said by a nurse and an attendant towards Ms. Echaquan.

Shocked, Karine Echaquan went to the Joliette hospital as soon as she saw the video. A court interpreter, she is used to going there to help the Attikameks of Manawan understand what the professionals are saying.

This time, she arrived too late.

Only Joyce Echaquan’s daughter and the latter’s sister-in-law were there.

“It was I who announced Joyce’s death to her daughter. It was 12:30 pm She said to me “it is not true. Tell me it is not true. They killed my mother?”, Recounted Mrs. Echaquan.

The indigenous community is very shocked, but not surprised by this event.

“It is unacceptable to note that once again in 2020 the treatment reserved for aboriginal people is this. In these last moments, she (Joyce) has been surrounded by people who were not concerned with her well-being, it is degrading what was said ”, indicated the general director of the Regroupement des centers d’amitié autochtones du Québec , Tanya Sirois.

“Me, I lost in the same circumstances my mother, my father, my grandfather, my grandmother and cousins ​​in this hospital”, added his cousin Reginald Echaquan.


Earlier Tuesday, Prime Minister François Legault announced that the racist nurse had been fired and that a coroner’s inquest would be conducted.

A crowdfunding campaign was also launched on the GoFund me site to raise money for Joyce Echaquan’s seven children.


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