Court of Appeal No release for this sexual predator

Court of Appeal No release for this sexual predator

No question of releasing a father found guilty of incest who was sentenced to 14 years in prison, ruled the Court of Appeal.

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In June 2020, Stéphan Joachim was found guilty by the Court of Quebec of sexual assault, incest, luring and trafficking in cannabis, being sentenced to 14 years in prison during the sentence handed down last November.

His victim was then 21 years old. The accused had assaulted his teenage daughter on multiple occasions, when she was not yet 13 years old, until the age of 15.

After this judgment, the accused expressed his desire to appeal his conviction. Then last February, he filed a motion to be released while obtaining a decision on the appeal.

“Hateful crimes”

Mr. Joachim invokes in particular his state of health, since he must receive physiotherapy treatments after a traffic accident which caused him a fracture of the femur and another to the thoracic cage.

For Judge Sophie Lavallée, this medical condition is not sufficient to justify release.

In addition, “there is a marked probability that the appellant will commit another criminal offense, which poses a serious risk to public safety,” she indicates, recalling her criminal past and the seriousness of her acts.

He has a long criminal record, having received sentences for 71 crimes between 1991 and 2017.

In her decision dated April 8, the judge also highlights “the heinous crimes of incest and sexual assault for which he was found guilty”.

She also believes that “the public’s confidence in the administration of justice would be undermined by his release pending the fate of his appeal.”


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