Couple: the importance of continuing to laugh and tease each other
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Couple: the importance of continuing to laugh and tease each other

The virtues of laughter for health and morale are well established. In the couple too, humor, laughter, teasing can make the difference.

And a study published in the Journal of Research in Personality and conducted by psychologists confirms this. Conducted with 154 heterosexual couples, she reveals that when partners deal with laughter or tease each other in the same way, they tend to be rather satisfied with their relationship. Conversely, people who are afraid to make fun of their partner would often be less happy in their relationship.

The researchers here conducted online interviews with the different couples, so that they separately detail their perceptions of their relationship and their level of satisfaction both emotionally and sexually. The way in which the participants handled thelaughter and teasing in the couple has also been studied.

The study then showed that the fact ofinvite others to make fun of youi, to be open to mockery and teasinghad positive effects on the couple:the women [dans cette configuration] reported being more satisfied with their relationship and more attracted to their partner. They also tend to be more sexually satisfied”, Say the researchers.

In contrast, being afraid or uncomfortable about being made fun of tends to have negative effects on the perception of the relationship. People in this case are more likely to be wary of their partner.

Psychologists, however, were keen to qualify their study, saying that having the same view of humor and teasing each other in the same way was not enough on its own to determine whether the relationship is “good” or not. However, knowing if one of the two partners is afraid of being laughed at can be a useful indication for carrying out couples therapy.

Source: Eurekalert

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