"Country Love 13" Wang Xiaoli was replaced, there are other reasons behind

“Country Love 13” Wang Xiaoli was replaced, there are other reasons behind

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Time is ticking, and the years go by. Unconsciously, “Country Love” has been broadcast to the 13th season, and on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, when the Spring Festival holiday is about to pass, “Country Love 13” is finally on the air. In the past, the broadcast of rural love meant that the new year was coming. Now, the new year has passed since the beginning of rural love, which is really embarrassing!

Although “Country Love 13” was delayed for more than half a month before it aired, and it was complained by many fans, no matter what, “Country Love 13” still met everyone, and it was a blessing in misfortune.

In fact, as early as last year, news of the filming of “Country Love 13” has spread on the Internet. At the same time, the media also learned from Fang Benshan Media, the producer of the play, that Wang Xiaoli, who played the role of Liu Neng in the play before, was unable to do so due to personal schedule reasons. Continue to star in “Country Love 13”.

After the news spread, there was a heated discussion on the Internet. Many netizens speculated about why Wang Xiaoli could not appear in “Country Love 13”, and also wondered who would replace Wang Xiaoli in the role of Liu Neng.

According to relevant sources, the reason why Wang Xiaoli was changed was because Wang Xiaoli did not follow the company’s arrangements and did private work and broadcast live, which led to Liu Neng being replaced.

The cause of the matter will start from the beginning of 2020. Because of the epidemic, most of the actors in Benshan Media have no acting, and no acting means no financial source.

So some actors chose to do live broadcasts to make money. Zhao Benshan did not object to this matter. Among these people, Wang Xiaoli who played Liu Neng was included.

Perhaps Wang Xiaoli never thought that live streaming would make money so fast, and it would be easier than filming and acting in sketches. Chatting with netizens and singing a few songs can earn a lot of money.

Therefore, when Benshan Media later suspended the live broadcast of its artists, Wang Xiaoli did not choose to follow the company’s arrangements, but continued to broadcast to make money. Therefore, he was removed from the “Country Love 13” crew, and Liu Neng was also named by another person. Zhao Mingyuan’s actor replacement.

After that, Wang Xiaoli disappeared from public view. It was not until recently that Wang Xiaoli and his wife were doing a commercial performance in a certain theater together, and then did they reappear in public view. This is also the first public appearance of Wang Xiaoli after being changed roles. Wang Xiaoli did not respond to the replacement.

In fact, most of the actors of Benshan Media have become popular with “Country Love”, such as Wang Xiaoli, Song Xiaofeng, and Liu Xiaoguang. They also contributed wonderful performances in “Country Love”.

It is not an exaggeration to say that if there is no country love, they will not be known to the audience. On the contrary, if there is no wonderful interpretation of them, there may not be country love. It is not so much that they have achieved whom, it is more symbiosis. relationship.

As audiences, they have long accepted their respective roles, so in this case, it is actually a very risky move for the crew to replace an actor who has left a deep impression on the audience.

As the producer of the play, Teacher Zhao Benshan naturally knew this, but he still resolutely replaced Wang Xiaoli, which was enough to see that he was really angry this time.

However, the play still has to chase after the substitutions, so, with anticipation and entanglement, decided to watch this new play. But I don’t know, I’m a good one! ! When Liu Neng just debuted in the first episode, the director deliberately gave a vision. This familiar pace, this familiar dress, is still the familiar Liu Neng.

For a moment, I thought I was wrong, didn’t Wang Xiaoli be replaced? After reading it carefully, I discovered that this was not Wang Xiaoli, but another two-person actor. But there is one thing to say, this is too similar… If you don’t look carefully, you think this is Liu Neng’s instinct! !

But this also happens to reflect a problem. The strength of the actors under Benshan Media should not be underestimated. The reason why they are unknown is just because they lack an opportunity for the audience to recognize them.

Perhaps everyone is not very familiar with Zhao Mingyuan. He is also a two-person actor, because his appearance is quite similar to Wang Xiaoli, so Wang Xiaoli’s elements were specially incorporated in the performance. As a result, he did not expect to be well received after the performance, even many netizens He was also given the title of “Xiao Wang Xiaoli”.

However, no one expected that he actually played the role of Liu Neng in “Country Love 13”. Sometimes I really have to sigh, fate is so wonderful!


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