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Counterterrorism: Kenya arrests five terror suspects

Kenyan police have arrested five suspects in preparation for a terrorist attack in Nairobi. Photo:

AFP cited a report by Kenyan police on January 18 saying the suspect group consisted of three men – one American citizen, one Somali and the Kenyan driver, and two Somali women. The group plots to launch an attack north of Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Police received information on January 17 that suspected suspected terrorists were conducting a search operation at a club on Kiambu Road, an area where many bars and nightclubs are located in Nairobi.

Kenyan security forces have been on high alert since the Islamic extremist group Al-Shabaab in Somalia stepped up attacks in the eastern part of the country this month.

On January 5, Al-Shabaab attacked Simba barracks of US troops in Kenya, killing three Americans and warning Kenya to withdraw its troops from Somalia.

Keya sent troops to Somalia in 2011 to join the African Union’s peacekeeping mission against Al-Shabaab. The Islamic group has carried out several attacks against Kenyan soldiers in Somalia and civilians in Kenya causing many casualties.

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