Counters help seniors register Kenyan Rankin Card or enthusiastic response-united daily

(Newspaper, Miri 19th) The Kenyan Rankin Card received a warm response, and many seniors have applied for registration this morning.
The People’s Federation Party’s Belsau branch has set up a counter at the Old Man Street at 8 am this morning to assist with registration for seniors aged 60 or above. Many elderly people who have gone there for morning tea have already registered.
In addition, on the 21st of this month (Tuesday), from 10 am to 11:30 am, the branch will also apply for registration for older persons at the Miri Senior Center.

The staff copied the ID cards for the elders to apply for the Kenyan Rankin Card.

On the other hand, the People’s Federation Dangpu Yi branch also set up mobile service counters, which will be set up at Zhuba Road 10 and Niuchang Village Vegetable Market from 7 to 9 tomorrow morning; at the same time on Tuesday, 21st, Set up counters in the artificial lake park and the People’s Federation Dangzhuba branch respectively.
Ways: Those who are 60 years old or older, as long as the “K” sign is in the lower right corner of the ID card, that is, a Sarawak citizen can bring the ID card to the counter to apply to the staff.
The Kenyan Gold Card was launched by the Sarawak government, which mainly benefits older elders and allows them to get discounts on some consumption. The government encourages older people to apply.

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