Cough teas

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There is a series of teas that can be prepared at home to relieve and fight cough. Many of them can be effective, but coughing persistence should take the patient to the doctor to assess what may be causing the problem. On the other hand, you should not use drugs called antitussives, that is, specific to cough, since there are several scientific studies showing that the risks of these drugs are greater than their benefits.

Dry cough tea

Ginger tea with lemon is best for dealing with a dry cough. To make this tea, use 1 liter of water, juice of three lemons and 140 grams of ginger. This tea should be taken in spoonfuls throughout the day to relieve the throat.

Night cough tea

The ideal recipe for a night cough is a tea that mixes a clove of garlic, two cloves of India and a stick of cinnamon in 500 milliliters of water. Drink a maximum of two cups about half an hour before going to bed.

Cough tea with phlegm

The best tea to deal with cough with phlegm is cinnamon stick tea. Cinnamon tea can be complemented with lemon and honey, for example, which helps to make tea more tasteful and enhances its action against cough.

Tea for allergic cough

The fight against allergic cough has as a great ally the nettle tea. Prepare the tea by mixing 200 milliliters of water with a tablespoon of nettle leaves. It is also possible to sweeten it with honey and do not drink more than two cups a day.

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