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Cotton, founder of unique game CottonGame: How to overcome the balance between desire and creation?

On February 20, 2020, CottonGame launched its third title in the Lost Island series: Lost Island 3: The Dust of the Universe. “Lost Island 3” is the same as the first and second generations. The founder of CottonGame, Cotton, introduced to the reason for the production of “Lost Island 2” is that the first generation of players asked why the rocket could not go to heaven, and the reason for “Lost Island 3” was to let players see in the 2nd generation Where did the rocket go after the launch.

4 “Lost Island” works, with continuation and more innovation

Xiaomian revealed, “In essence, the reason we developed the” Lost Island “series is to let players experience a mysterious atmosphere of the game. This is particularly important in terms of artistic performance. So what” Lost Island 3 “brings The feeling of art should be different from the previous two generations, but it has continuity. More specific differences are involved, and players need to experience the game in person! “

As the “Lost Island” series, “Lost Island Prequel” is also under development. Xiaomian revealed that this prequel project has basically been developed and is still doing some work to check for defects.

Why did you come back and develop a prequel? Xiaomian explained this, “One day I went to the beach to play and saw a large dilapidated amusement park. Some of the facilities in the playground were strangely shaped, like some kind of mysterious alien spaceship. I took a photo, After I went back, the idea of ​​making a lost island prequel came into being. I think that the aliens built an amusement park, tricked the residents of a small town into a spaceship, and finally brought them to the lost island. With this initial idea After that, we started developing without hesitation. “

From “Lost Island” to series 3, Xiaomian gradually cleared the main line of his series. It can be said that there are clues in each work. In fact, for this series, Xiaomian is still planning new content. “Every time, players want to know more background stories, and I gradually perfected the original story structure during the production process. At the same time, there are always new ideas emerging. Lost Island 2 and 3 prequels are full of tribute to my favorite artists, movies, novels, etc. This is one I like when I make Mr. Pumpkin This kind of production method. This is actually a privilege of the developer, tell the player the world he likes, whether it is perfect or not, this is a way of looking at this world. I think this element should be maintained in subsequent works. .If you play “The Lost Island Prequel”, you will find that it is not exactly the same as the first three, it is an interesting and innovative part, what is the specific content, and I hope it is left to players to experience it. “

Incorporate stories into game mechanics for more creative thinking

Last year, CottonGame launched “Thick Time” and “Far Stories”.

“Thick Time” is a picture book story drawn by Xiaomian before entering the game industry. After being reworked, it became a Huarong-style puzzle game. “A lot of players expressed their disappointment immediately after the launch of” Thick Time “, because they thought that” Thick Time “is a puzzle game with the same game mechanism as” Lost Island “, and it turned out to be just a story. Version of Hua Rongdao. I can understand the mood of these players. However, at the same time, I always feel that “Thick Time”, whether it is the original intention of the game creation or the game design idea, has basically completed my response to the final realization. The original plan of this game achieved the original purpose of creation. So I always feel that this game is a very successful creative work for me. This is exactly what I want, and I want to let others saw.”

“Story from afar is similar. What is different is that this time I did not particularly want to emphasize a story, but I wanted to emphasize the emotion of going to a distance to see the world, and the world is intertwined. . “

According to Xiaomian, “Maybe these two games are not the style or category that the public likes on the market, but as an independent game developer, as a creator who believes that small games have big lives, I just do my best. My own. Passing or not passing the market result is a kind of judging standard, but I hope there is an angle of judging standard: that is, as a qualified creator, you are not necessarily talented, you are not necessarily capable, but you I will do my best to do this. “

From “Thick Times” to “Far Stories”, a little different from the players, I saw CottonGame integrate the story into the game mechanics and tell the story with the game. Xiaomian ’s answer confirms what I saw, “Before, after“ Lost Island ”went online, players did n’t know what the story was, so I was also reflecting on whether I should write the story more clearly and richly. Last year, I cleared the game of “Eddie Finch’s Memories” and suddenly there was a feeling: “Ah, the original game is also very good to do this!”, So I went to put more narrative possibilities in different in the game.”

“There is no way. Although I have made some games, I always position myself as a person who wants to learn and explore how to make a better game, so I will try more games, even if these attempts will have some Improper or failed, I think it is normal. This is the purpose of the game different from other art forms, because the possibility of the game will be more. “

It is expected to launch 4 products and 3 other editions this year

Cotton said that this year CottonGame will launch “Dust on the Lost Island 3 Universe”, “Lost Island Prequel Seaside Amusement Park”, “Monster House” and “Mr. Pumpkin 2 Kowloon Walled City”. The rest of our development is still waiting for the version number: “One Way”, “Deep Forest”, “White Bird Amusement Park”, and ongoing developments include “Ancient Mirror”, “Grill Me”, “Sunset Hills” .

The series is not only about “Lost Island”, but also “Mr. Pumpkin”. “Mr. Pumpkin” 2 to be launched is a puzzle game based on the Kowloon Walled City of Hong Kong. “During the production of” Mr. Pumpkin 2 Kowloon Walled City “, my team members and I have always maintained a high degree of excitement, because we all like a place with a strange cultural background like Kowloon Walled City. The style of the 2nd generation The background is completely different from Pumpkin 1, but it is pulled together by the character image of Pumpkin to form an IP. This makes me think that in the future, if possible, Mr. Pumpkin can be used as an image to enter a variety of different worlds. Instead of a fixed and unified world view. This is a different creative idea from the Lost Island IP. At present, I have already conceived a city that I think is particularly interesting and strange. I hope Mr. Pumpkin 3 can go to this. local.”

And the “Guo Jing Ji” under development is a detective game modified based on classical literature stories. According to Xiaomian, “Ancient Mirror” is different from the previous puzzle game. This game will have a large amount of text, and there will be a certain time system, shopping system, etc. The most important thing is that the art style is classical but Unique, the animation is more delicate and vivid than the animations of our previous works. “

More works in CottonGame development will not be introduced one by one, GameRes will also invite Xiaomian to share the team’s recent situation in the future.

Cotton said frankly, “In fact, every time I don’t want to say that we have a lot of games in development, because digging must be filled, otherwise, games that can’t be completed in the end are meaningless. Many companies in the game industry actually have some prototype development. , Verify whether the game is fun, and then decide whether to continue development. And even if most of the games have been developed, there are a lot of bad ones. Even many company games have been developed, and the market outlook is not ideal, and they will stop going online. “

“But for us, this is not the case at all. I hope that once there is a good idea for the game, even if it is a little enthusiasm and motivation, even if the game itself is not so amazing or there is a market, you should seize it. This kind of feeling, and the development is done with no hesitation. I think this is because we are always determined that we are an independent game company, and we hope to develop some games that we sincerely have the desire to create as a starting point. Therefore, creation itself is more important than the result at this moment. It is always our emphasis to overcome some creative difficulties without making mistakes and making games first. “

CottonGame tags: unique temperament

CottonGame now has a team size of nearly 30 people, mostly art, 6 programs, and 2 people planning, as long as the animation is for everyone. “I also want to advertise here, I hope programmers who are willing to come to our team can submit resumes to us.” (Resume delivery email:

In the author’s impression, “the style of painting is unique” and “solving puzzles” are the labels of CottonGame. Xiaomian also hopes that CottonGame is unique. “It is not only unique in art, but also unique in temperament, such as the background story of the game, the emotions conveyed, and the themes expressed. We also don’t want to just explain The type of mystery also wants to try more types of games. Constantly exploring and learning about the world of game making is a driving force we will continue to do. “

In CottonGame, Cotton likes to plan and conceive some new games, including story backgrounds, gameplay innovations, etc. “But if the concept art of this game is particularly suitable for my style, I will draw them all myself. In each project My positioning is not exactly the same. For some projects, I will be mainly responsible for art planning, etc., and I will always be responsible for the end. For some projects, I will be responsible for some of the previous work, and the rest of the team members will be perfected. An idea or idea is done by the team members themselves. There are also individual projects from the beginning to the end of which I did not participate, and the project is also the idea of ​​the team leader. “

From the perspective of Ms. Cotton, “game” is a way of life. You can enjoy the same or different things in the real world, and get a sense of joy or some unforgettable emotions.

What about “game creation”? In fact, it is also a kind of “game”. The game with “game” as a goal is essentially to enjoy the process and experience some special emotions. A sense of accomplishment or creativity.

But the difference is that“Game creation” is actually a process of enthusiasm, frustration, frustration, adjustment of ideas, overcoming difficulties, and finally insisting on the completion of development, and full of vision before going online. This process is much more difficult than playing the game itself and requires more courage and determination.

For a creator, this process is alsoThe process of finding yourself, where is your ability boundary, what is your vision, how to overcome the balance between desire and creation, and how to stick to yourself and be good.

It takes a lot of years for a developer or a team to make a game. After going online, whether the market can accept it, how many copies it can sell, how much money it earns, these are very important, and it must take a lot of time to think and explore.

However, once you believe that you have really made endless efforts for this, the real results are often not as expected, and the vast majority will be worse than your original vision. I want to say that at this time, the results have really been It doesn’t matter.

This is the result, it may not be the best, but it has let you find your best self in the process, a real game developer, this is the most important.


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