Corsair Nightsword RGB – Constantly evolving and … the price

Corsair Nightsword RGB – Constantly evolving and … the price

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A few years ago, a product from Logitech stormed the gaming mouse market at that time and almost no more than a year was worth any rival – G502. The kick of G502 has brought Logitech ahead of its "unseen" rivals like Corsair, Razer or SteelSeries. G502 brings dozens of improvements not only in design but also in technology and performance, and most importantly, it has contributed to changing the trend of gaming mouse design later.

From G502Later, the mice were not only Logitech, but Corsair also made very positive changes in design with a lot of experience than "fashion". Therefore, when Corsair first introduced to the mouse world game Corsair Nightsword RGB, certainly not many people will think immediately G502.

Saying so does not mean that Corsair Nightsword RGB is a "copycat" version of G502, Corsair always knows how to create its own personality and create a strong foothold in gamers' hearts. will work with you right away Corsair Nightsword RGB Full of this attraction right here.


Other than G502, the current starting price of Corsair Nightsword RGB I must say that it is "acrid": 80 USD in the international market, and up to more than 2 million VND in Vietnam market. However, as the identity that Corsair brand has maintained so far: "expensive but fragmented!" – And Corsair Nightsword RGB is a product that reinforces that tradition.

In terms of design, Corsair Nightsword RGB looks very similar to the G502 in terms of cubes. Of course, with a lot of details about the details, readers can still reject the writer's judgment, but to describe "gently" about Corsair Nightsword RGB then you can imagine it as a child G502 with a larger size, suitable for large hands, and more "chubby" lines.

"To" may be the first impression of Corsair Nightsword RGB with the writer when peeling it out of the box. The size is up to nearly 13cm in length, 8.6cm in width and 4.3cm in height, it can be said Corsair Nightsword RGB The mouse is a very "small" mouse, and not all Vietnamese gamers can embrace. For that reason, Corsair Nightsword RGB It is almost suitable for a single type of palm-grips, and is more geared towards tactical / MOBA expert gamers than shooting and acting.

The back of Corsair Nightsword RGB It is made with very smooth rubber coating material and gives good grip thanks to the dense detail. While the carpet section of the thumb is somewhat smoother to create maximum comfort when users hold, hold or lift the mouse.

The specialized game strategy is also shown in the layout of the function keys when the mouse is designed only for the right hand and most of the function keys are accrued to the left cheek. Corsair Nightsword RGB. In addition, in addition to the backward and forward movies, there are also two different 3-key programmable keys that can be programmed freely by iCUE.

The size is nearly 13cm in length, 8.6cm in width and 4.3cm in height, it can be said that Corsair Nightsword RGB is a very small mouse "size".

Although the size is large, it is directed to the target gamers, but can also be seen Corsair Nightsword RGB Also try to encroach a little to the action shooter player with the "sniper" button right at the thumb position. Above as usual is the DPI adjustment button.

The bottom of Corsair Nightsword RGB perhaps the part that makes users remember G502 more than 6 hexagonal weights. But the difference is that Corsair has deliberately provided users with 2 different types of description, users can fine-tune the mouse weight up to 140g.


About the lights up and color, Corsair Nightsword RGB create a strong impression (albeit slightly less refined) with 4 independent LED clusters arranged on both the front, "butt" face, dorsal side and scroll button. However, the writer does not appreciate the design of LED lights before and after because it looks a bit reformed like the mice from China.

In addition to the four LED lights mentioned above, the mouse also has a fifth LED cluster
is a DPI indicator light cluster. However, it seems that this light cluster is merely used for communication
The ability to fine tune and color up is quite limited.

Anyway, with "internal" up to 18000 DPI with PMW3391 optical reading eyes integrated with real time central positioning system, gamers do not need to worry about the "talent" of Corsair Nightsword RGB. In particular, Omron's left and right mouse switches are also provided by Omron, with a lifetime of up to 50 million clicks. Conversely, other keys do not see Corsair mentioned.

with "internal" up to 18000 DPI with PMW3391 optical reading eyes integrated with real-time central positioning system, players do not need to worry about the "talent" of Corsair Nightsword RGB


Corsair Nightsword RGB is a mouse with many similarities G502 from Corsair. Fortunately, instead of creating a copy, the Corsair family knows how to upgrade the value of their children from the shadow of G502.

However, the price is up to 80 USD Corsair Nightsword RGB compared to 50 USD of G502 However, it is necessary to consider the performance side that is worth it for gamers to spend up to 30 USD to pick up this Sword Sword to the palace!


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