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Corsair is a manufacturer that cares for design and processing, so even with a soft product like Corsair M55 RGB ProYou will also easily see the difference from other low-cost products at first sight.

The most obvious is that symmetrical design is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users with the right size, not too big and not too small, very "mass" for anyone to use. The curves are designed very reasonably and skillfully so that no matter which hand the user uses, the mouse stays extremely comfortable in the user's palm. The surface of the mouse is made of hard plastic, not with more expensive materials, but the quality of plastic is also very good, quite soft and smooth, not rough or polished, recycled plastic on inexpensive mouse lines comes from China.

The sides of the mouse cheek are covered with rubber with smooth small triangular vein lines to increase grip, the buttons are arranged in accordance with light pressing force, but not too sensitive to be mistakenly pressed. Most notably, the LED RGB backlight system following the "colorful" trend has recently been arranged very reasonably with adequate shielding that does not "lighten" or stay as carelessly as the Other cheap mouse lines.

Overall, the design of Corsair M55 RGB Pro can be considered fit and stable, although there are no excellent features like with its high-end gaming mice, but this simple design has a high "mass" nature, making The product becomes easy to familiarize, easy to use with the majority of gamers in the popular segment.

Truong Thanh

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