Corsair HS35, stereo headset with two new mouse models are exposed

Corsair HS35, stereo headset with two new mouse models are exposed

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Corsair HS35, new stereo headset with two mouse models is NIGHTSWORD RGB and M55 RGB PRO, published by Corsair worldwide.

Corsair, the world leader in PC peripherals and gaming enthusiasts, announced today. NIGHTSWORD RGB and M55 RGB PRO, two completely new gaming mice participate in the company's high-performance gaming peripherals portfolio.

NIGHTSWORD RGB Boasting the latest advanced technology, including 18,000 DPI optical sensor and intelligent adjustable weight system that monitors mouse weight and focus in real time.

M55 RGB PRO is a new gaming mouse, with symmetrical design optimized for many types of handles.

New mice expand the Corsair's formidable line of products, adding more options to suit every player, from esports experts to mainstream gamers.

Corsair HS35 Delivers superb sound quality thanks to a pair of customized 50mm neodymium speaker drivers, capturing the majority of audio in games that smaller drivers and drivers may miss.

Sound quality of Corsair HS35 comes with a removable unidirectional microphone and restricts ambient noise, enabling teammates to hear your voice at a critical moment, certified by Discord by its reliability and clear communication.

The rugged design gives you the durability you need for years in a row, while wearing comfort will keep you sharp regardless of how long you are on the battlefield.

Equipped with smooth head cushions, the earpiece can be adjusted to best suit you, the material in light weight, Corsair HS35 will not make you feel heavy when fighting.

Corsair HS35 Now available from Corsair's online store, its worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors.

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