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If you've ever used it Corsair Glaive RGB The old generation will surely see "frame jumping" when operating at high speed levels on 4K UHD displays, especially when the mouse speed is set to 16,000dpi at most mouse panes "are very difficult to get" stop "properly. This is due in part to the limitations of the PMW3367 mouse eye, which focuses on speed, but slightly less in control to pursue an impressive "promotion" number. Therefore, users usually only use the mouse at lower speed levels, only about 8,000 to 12,000dpi to ensure the accuracy required, which also reduces the effectiveness of a gaming mouse High performance like Corsair expects. Therefore, after nearly three years, when the eyes read the new generation to meet the technical requirements, the company upgraded its "pet".

The new generation PMW3391 eye generation is labeled "Ultra-accurate" above Corsair Glaive RGB Pro giving satisfactory results in high speed range, especially fast moving phases – sudden stop can always achieve the desired "drop point". This gives gamers a "fast mouse" style a comfortable way to "flip" on modern 4K UHD screens.

Truong Thanh

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