Corsair Carbide 678C – The price for "silence"

Corsair Carbide 678C – The price for "silence"

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Referring to the case, the Corsair's case is beautiful and beautiful, it is expensive, so much is expensive … enough categories to meet any demand of quality and form of users. And it is also a big obstacle for this manufacturer to think about launching new products because the ideas seem to be no longer available, instead Corsair aims to complete the product, make new ones. face features and expand market scope.

It is a wise move when they introduce users to the sample Corsair Carbide 678C with selling price up to 200 USD. $ 200 is a number that is not cheap, unless it brings a surprising performance to some extent. Corsair Carbide 678C gives users 2 options: Silent, or heat dissipation performance.

For readers not to wait too long, will join you right away Corsair Carbide 678C In the article below, see if this case is worth up to 200 USD, what good is it!


Just like the line Crystal 680X which has sent to you in the previous article, although the price is not cheap, but the packaging style of Corsair Carbide 678C It is also quite economical with raw cardboard paper, no fancy color and no eye-catching.

However, even if you see a little illustration of the product on the cover, users will still be surprised by the "beauty" of "white dude." Corsair Carbide 678C"Because the design can be said to be its perfect beauty.

Indeed, Corsair Carbide 678C owning a look that can be said to be very beautiful with standard measurements, has a solid appearance that a case of a tower needs, both sharp and sturdy in pure white. Corsair Carbide 678C Easily knock out the most fastidious users, including whether you're a male or female gamer.

The front of Corsair Carbide 678C It is designed to be minimalistic and there is no point in addition to the pirate flag logo. The front panel can be opened with magnet latch, integrated with anti-noise foam and plastic filter net.

The extremely surprising thing for writers is the presence of a hard-disk-containing tray. That's right, you're not mistaken, it's a tray containing HARD DRIVE! – which seems extinct in almost every market case and many users are ready for Corsair Carbide 678C one plus point because of this 5.25 ”tray.

The upper side of Corsair Carbide 678C It is almost impossible to reveal any details when there is only a shortcut key for power up and reboot, 2 USB-A, C and 2-in-1 audio ports while the signal light is only "slightly" lit. at the front edge. The point that many people will not like is the audio port of 2 in one Corsair Carbide 678C will cause users to purchase an additional microphone divider if they use a headset with a separate microphone cable.

Corsair Carbide 678C Although the design is much simpler on the top, it is actually Corsair using an anti-noise cover to cover the heat escape slot from the roof cooling fan, leaving only a tiny wind escape slot at the end of the upper surface. . When flipping this noise-proof lid, the dust-proof mesh and new heat-sink fan assembly … appear.

The extremely surprising thing for writers is the presence of a hard-disk-containing tray. That's right, you're not mistaken, it's a tray containing HARD DRIVE!

Glass windows are the nearly indispensable part on every case in the present time, whether that case is anti-noise, anti-dust or anti-moving anymore by the need to show the "heart of PC" light is inevitable. Users can be completely assured of Corsair Carbide 678C In this section, with the dark glass material but still sparkling enough when you light up, the viewing angle is wide and the show is almost the most quintessential thing the user installs inside.

Users can also easily open and close glass windows with joints
Flexible swivel and pin buckle are also made of very solid magnets.


As mentioned on the introduction, Corsair Carbide 678C There are 2 approaches aimed at 2 types of gamers today: silent or cool.

Corsair Carbide 678C designed for users to choose one of these two advantages, not both. It means that if it needs to be silent it will be extremely silent, but quite hot, and vice versa when it needs to cool, Corsair Carbide 678C will be cool but promotion adds noise.

Because most of the slots take the wind and exit the wind on the front and sides of the roof Corsair Carbide 678C All are equipped with anti-jam sucking on the covers, so its anti-noise performance is very good. According to some tests on reputable evaluation sites, the maximum noise level when fully installed the radiator fan measured at 50cm distance of Corsair Carbide 678C only slightly more than 30dB (average daytime noise is about 45-50dB).

It is also a problem of air circulation in the case because most hot air outlets are almost sealed, only the only outlet is the back, and therefore the average temperature within Corsair Carbide 678C not low.

Conversely, for users who are not afraid of noise and want their PC as cool as possible, Corsair Carbide 678C will bring them winter. This case is capable of installing radiator fans up to 170cm in size – something almost never seen in a mid-tower case. Particularly, the roof of the case can be attached to 3 fans to suck Corsair Carbide 678C excess heat dissipation for all internal components.

if it needs to be silent it will be extremely silent, but quite hot, and vice versa when the Corsair Carbide 678C cooler will be cool but the noise level is added.

About the interior, Corsair Carbide 678C I ate a light point on the 5.25 ”hard drive as mentioned above, but when inside, users were more surprised with the design of its hard drive tray. Instead of being installed from the left, the hard drive trays must be installed from the right side, and users can easily remove them without having to touch the frame as many other cases.

This design is very friendly when users need to expand
Time for layout of large water radiators or installation of graphics cards
Super long (maximum 370mm).

Left, the general design of Corsair Carbide 678C It is not much different from other Corsair brothers when dividing the space into 2 compartments, the lower part for the PSU and the wires, the upper compartment for the rest of the components. However, the writer does not appreciate that a case with a price of up to $ 200 does not have a removable PSU mount, making the installation of some components sometimes become quite inconvenient.

In return, a slight plus point that many people would probably prefer
is a vertical PCI slot for users who like to show off their beautiful and expensive graphics card
my money.

Corsair Carbide 678C - The price for


200 USD is a pretty price when something that users get back is one Corsair Carbide 678C no more special than other products in the 2-3 million segment. However, if you are a user who appreciates aesthetics, you want to have significant silence during work, or maximize cooling during the game Corsair Carbide 678C may be an interesting choice.

Anyway, the writer still finds it too expensive.


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