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Corresponds to EURO 5! “FORZA 250/PCX 150” big facelift coming soon?

HONDA FORZA: Passed the EURO 5 exhaust emission standard and comprehensively revised it

HONDA has seen through the European market and launched the current FORZA model, the top-level Scooter equipped with tracing control system, electric adjustable windshield, smart chip key and other luxurious equipment.

The editorial department speculates that the next-generation FORZA will not only pass the EURO 5 exhaust emission standard, it should also undergo a comprehensive revision. Its biggest attraction is the patented variable valve. Should it be more fun to ride?

▲【2020 HONDA FORZA】■Water-cooled four-stroke single cylinder 248cc 23ps 2.4kg-m 184kg (equipment weight) ●Price in Japan including tax: 658,900 yen

▲Although the Foresight car body is used in the patent picture, its frame is very similar to the current FORZA model. It has become more environmentally friendly and achieves high output horsepower characteristics. The variable valve timing system controls exhaust emissions. The best countermeasures for this system are now gradually increasing.

▲HONDA applied for a patent for a variable valve dedicated to Scooter in September 2017. Since the low-speed and high-speed cams are switched through an actuator (Actuator), the name “VTEC” may also be used by then?

HONDA PCX150: Is the four-valve + tracking control system inevitable?

Since the first generation came out in 2010, the PCX, which has been continuously improved and upgraded, and its popularity has remained undiminished. Since it only applies to the 2008 exhaust emission standard, which is the EURO 4 exhaust emission standard, it is estimated that it will be fully implemented by the end of 2020. Revised.

The new engine of the 2020 SH series for the European market = eSP (using four-valve + tracking control system) has passed the EURO 5 exhaust emission standard, so PCX should also be equipped with an engine of the same design (please refer to the box below Introduction).

▲【2020 HONDA PCX150】■Water-cooled four-stroke single cylinder 149cc 15ps 1.4kg-m 131kg (equipment weight) ●Price in Japan including tax: 38600 yen~

▲The movable windscreen has also applied for a patent. Since the windshield can be tilted forward, the storage space on the dashboard will be much easier to use and very convenient!

HONDA SH125i/150i (European standard): Be the first to change to four-valve in 2020

With large-diameter wheels, SH is very popular in Europe where the stone roads are preserved. For the first time, the 2020 model is equipped with a new engine that has become more environmentally friendly = eSP+.

▲【2020 HONDA SH150i】■Water-cooled four-stroke single cylinder 156.9cc 16.8ps 1.51kg-m 134.1kg (equipment weight) ※The above data are all 150i specifications.

▲The newly designed two-valve valve is replaced with a four-valve valve, and the cylinder diameter and stroke ratio are changed to completely reduce the friction loss of various parts while taking into account the characteristics of environmental protection and high horsepower.

▲Compared with the previous eSP engine, the new engine has increased the horsepower and torque of the full speed range, and also adopted a tracking control system that can be turned on or off by itself = HSTC.

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