Correctional services Officers want adjustments to measures

Correctional services Officers want adjustments to measures

The Union des agents de la paix en services correctionnels du Québec filed a complaint against its employer on Tuesday, thereby demanding an intervention from the CNESST so that corrective measures are made in prisons with regard to COVID prevention measures.

The union demands the intervention of the CNESST so that it requires incarcerated persons to wear a face cover in the common areas of the accommodation sectors, to wear a face cover when traveling within the establishment. detention, social distancing taking into account the area of ​​the living area and personal hygiene measures.

“The union of peace officers in correctional services of Quebec considers that the employer is violating its obligations and thus compromising the health and safety of its members by refusing to take the necessary measures to ensure that the officers carry out their work in complete safety. through detention facilities in Quebec ”, we can read in the union document obtained by TVA Nouvelles.

Several prisons in the province have experienced outbreaks of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.


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