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[AFP = Current affairs]Parents who attach their names to newborn coronaviruses, such as new coronavirus, lockdown (city blockade), and COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection), are appearing all over the world.

At a hospital in southeastern India, two women who gave birth at the same time recently received a doctor’s suggestion and named their children Corona Kumar and Corona Kumari, respectively.

The doctor said to the mothers, “By naming it Corona, it may help raise awareness about the disease,” he said, “surprisingly, the mothers also agreed.”

Migrant worker Sanjay Bauri also stalled thousands of kilometers from his home in Rajasthan, northwestern India, saying, “I remember all the hardships I had during these difficult times. To do this, he named his born son “lockdown.”

In Bacolod, Central Philippines, a girl born on April 13th, father John Tupas, decided to name it Covid Marie.

▽ Mr. Tupas said that he wanted to name the COVID-19 as a name that reminds me not only of suffering but also of joy.

Social media criticized this naming, but Mr. Tupas did not hesitate, “I may be bullied, but I teach my daughter to be a good person” “I did not think again.”

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