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Corel keyboard shortcuts, use CorelDRAW faster


Proficient use of Corel keyboard shortcuts will help you work faster and more efficiently for each design on your computer. The following article will summarize the useful CorelDRAW shortcuts.

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Software though CorelDraw Not many users like Illustrator or get support from Photoshop, but with its suite, CorelDraw proves itself to be the most flexible, easy-to-use design software compared to Photoshop and many other software. Of course this flexibility depends a lot on Corel shortcuts, compared to Illustrator shortcuts, Corel is always appreciated. And if you have ever mastered a set of shortcuts like Illustrator keyboard shortcuts, using Corel keyboard shortcuts will not be difficult for you.

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In addition, the first thing to do when learning design is to grasp the keyboard shortcuts of a software, and now let’s take a look at the CorelDraw keyboard shortcuts How is it?

Corel keyboard shortcuts, using the basic keyboard shortcuts in CorelDraw.

Ctrl + F2 key combination: Open the view window
Ctrl + F5 key combination: Opens a window with text and graph styles (Graphic and text)
Ctrl + F7 key combination: Opens the image assignment window
Ctrl + F8: Turn artistic text into paragraph text
Ctrl + F9 key combination: Open the window to create borders
Ctrl + F11: Open the symbol window
Ctrl + F12: Open the spell checker
Ctrl + PgDn key combination: Place the object down 1 layer
Ctrl + PgUp key combination: Place selected object on a layer
Ctrl + Delete key combination: Delete the word to the right of the text

The key combination Ctrl + NUMPAD2: Reduce the text size to the previous shrink
Ctrl + NUMPAD8: Increase the font size to the next one
Ctrl + NUMPAD6: Increase or decrease the font
Ctrl + NUMPAD4: Edit the font
Ctrl + Insert key combination: Copy selectively and reposition on the page
Ctrl + Shift + A key combination: Copy properties from another object to the selected object
Ctrl + Shift + D: Add or remove large caps of text
Ctrl + Shift + Q: Transform the frame into an object
Ctrl + Shift + T: Open a text editor dialog
Ctrl + Shift + W key combination: List of available fonts
Ctrl + Shift + Z: Reverse the last time to cancel the operation

Ctrl + A key combination: Select all objects
Ctrl + C key combination: Copy to memory
Ctrl + D: Duplicate the object again
Ctrl + E key combination: Export the drawing to another format
Ctrl + G key combination: Group selected objects
Ctrl + I key combination: Import object or text
Ctrl + I key combination: Change text to italic style
Ctrl + J key combination: Open the options window – Option CorelDRAW
Ctrl + J key combination: Align both sides of the document
Ctrl + K key combination: Split (decompose) the selected object
Ctrl + L key combination: Combine selected objects

Ctrl + L: Align the left row
Ctrl + N key combination: Create a new drawing
Ctrl + M key combination: Switch to add and remove Bullet for text
Ctrl + O key combination: Open an existing drawing
Ctrl + P key combination: Print the drawing
Ctrl + Q key combination: Convert the object into a curve
Ctrl + R key combination: Repeat last action
Ctrl + S key combination: Quick archive
Ctrl + T: Open the text properties format window
Ctrl + U key combination: Remove selected objects
Ctrl + U key combination: The underlined text style

Ctrl + V key combination: Paste the content copied into the drawing
The key combination Ctrl + Y: Switch mode to stick objects to the grid
Ctrl + W key combination: Refresh the drawing window
Ctrl + X key combination: Cut selectively in the Shape Tool
Ctrl + Z key combination: Restore the previous action, cancel the action just done
Alt + Backspace: Same as Ctrl + Z
Alt + Enter: Displays the properties of the selected object
Alt + F3 key combination: Open the lens window
Alt + F4: E & xit, Exit CorelDRAW and prompt to save the drawing
Alt + F7: Opens the Position window in Tranformation

Alt + F8: Opens a Rotation window in Tranformation
Alt + F9: Opens the Scale – Mirror window in Tranformation
Alt + F10: Open the Size window in Transformation
Alt + F12 key combination: Align text to the original line
Shift + F1: Help, What?
Shift + F2: Zoom in on the selected object
Shift + F4: Display the entire printable page
Shift + F9: Toggle 2 last used image views
Shift + F11: Open color dialog box applied object – Uniform Fill
Shift + F12: Open outline color box – Outline Color
Shift + PgDn: Place selected object down the last layer
Shift + PgUp: Place selected object on top of the layer
Shift + Insert: Paste selected copy into the text
Shift + Delete: Delete selectively object

Keyboard shortcut F2: Zoom in then return to the previous tool
Shortcut F3: Reduce drawings gradually
Shortcut F4: Enlarges a full-frame object
Shortcut F5: Open the drawing function in the set – Freehand
Shortcut F6: Open draw a rectangle
Shortcut F7: Open drawing lip, Pie, Are
Shortcut F8: Text editing tool
F9 shortcut: Preview full screen
Shortcut F10: Edit node (node) object – Shape Tool
Shortcut F11: Open the dialog box color object – Fountain Fill
Shortcut F12: Open sketch pen dialog – Outline Pen

Shortcut A: Open draw Spiral spiral in Polygon
Shortcut B: Align selected objects to the bottom
Shortcut C: Gets to the center of selected objects
Shortcut D: Open drawing the caro in the set – Polygon
Shortcut E: Horizontal aligns selected objects
Shortcut G: Fill colors quickly then select colors and objects
Shortcut H: The Pan tool drags the page to view
Shortcut I: Draw Curve Art Preset in Freehand
Shortcut L: Left aligns selected objects
Shortcut N: Bring up on the window allowing any orientation
Shortcut P: Move to the center of the selected object
Shortcut R: Aligns selected objects right
Shortcut T: Aligns on top of selected objects
Shortcut X: Delete As Ctrl + X
Shortcut Y: Open draw polygons in set – Polygo
Shortcut Z: Like F2
So ElectrodealPro just introduced to you Corel keyboard shortcuts, although it is a bit long, but these are necessary shortcut keys for you to use as well as get better acquainted with CorelDraw. In addition to designing photos, if you need more editing then you can use Photoshop and learn more about Photoshop shortcuts, mastering through Photoshop shortcuts will bring a lot of benefits when designing for. friend.



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