Copy / Paste quickly on Ubuntu
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Copy / Paste quickly on Ubuntu

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An ultra fast Copy / Paste

In Ubuntu (Linux,) it is very simple to make a Copy / Paste, even simpler than in Windows (which is Ctrl + Ç Ctrl + V). Just select the text to put it in memory and click on the button 3 mouse (usually the click of the wheel) to paste it:

Selecionar => copiar 
Clique 3 => colar


It is extremely practical to Copy / Paste in a terminal (without having to add “Shift” to the usual “Ctrl” + “V”). Since text placed in memory in this way does not replace text placed in memory with Ctrl + Ç, you can Copy / Paste 2 different things, at the same time! (do the “Ctrl” + “C”, select the second text, paste the second text with button 3 and perform the “Ctrl” + “V”).

Photo: © John Schnobrich – Unsplash

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