Cool Knowledge Of Motorcycle Vol.10 The History Of Taiwan Yamaha You Did Not Know Part.3

After the failures of FZR 150 and Yingguang 150, Taiwan’s Yamaha was labelled “Will not be a four-stroke engine”, but seeing the success of Haoma and Dijue, it continued to launch the new four-stroke 125cc Scooter “Xun”. “Guang 125” and Guangyang Sanyang are different. Unexpectedly, on the day of the press conference, the audience continued to boo, until the then vice president Lin Jisong came up on stage and said: “If there is any problem with this car, I will resign to show responsibility” (a great responsibility!) before the dealers accept…

Original source: The story of Taiwan Yamaha that you didn’t know part.3 The legendary journey of Xunguang 125 and EV4 engine|小老婆冷知识#10

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