Convert, change extension Video by Format Factory

Convert, change extension Video by Format Factory

You are looking for an easy to use and effective Video Converter software, the output videos are of high quality, not different from the input video. And Format Factory will be a great solution for you now. Please follow this article to know how to convert Videos with Format Factory.

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Format Factory not only helps us convert Video back and forth between many different formats of media files, it can also be used to increase and decrease the quality of movies, music to improve the quality or to use for each device.

Guide to convert Video by Format Factory

Step 1: Download and install Format Factory on your computer. You can download the latest version of Format Factory

Step 2: Start the program with the interface as shown below.

Step 3: Video Converter. Choose to enter AVI in the Video section to convert the Video to AVI format

Step 4: Choose Add Files to choose the Video you want to convert to AVI

– In the dialog box that appears, choose the path to the folder containing Videos, select Videos and click Open

Step 5: Choose Change to change the path to save files after converting

Step 6: After selecting the necessary parameters, we choose OK.

At the main interface we choose Start to start the transition, when to see the field Convert State show line Completed is done.

We go to the Converted folder to use the newly created movie file.
So you already know how to convert Videos with Format Factory already, with this software you can easily convert Videos to different formats for work and entertainment. Also, you can refer to How to convert images with Format Factory, How to merge hard subtitles into Video using Format Factory, …


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