Convenient features, long battery life

A few months ago, Xiaomi introduced a new generation of sports bracelets from Redmi, called Redmi Smart Band Pro. This is an upgraded version of the Redmi Band series released last year. In this article, we will analyze the features that the new bracelet version brings, as well as the difference of the product line with its predecessor and whether this is a replacement for Xiaomi Mi Smart. Band 6.

Specifications of Redmi Smart Band Pro

  • Screen: 1.47 inches, AMOLED, 368 x 194 pixels
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Sensor: optical, heart rate (PPG), 3-axis accelerometer
  • The battery: 200 mAh
  • Processor Chips: Apollo 3.5
  • Compatible: OS Android 6.0 or later, iOS 10 or later
  • Dimensions without strap: 42.05 × 24.45 × 10.15 mm
  • Weight without strap: 15g

Redmi Smart Band Pro

Redmi Smart Band Pro: Design

The design of the Redmi Smart Band Pro bears many similarities to a compact smartwatch. Overall, Redmi Smart Band Pro is a bracelet with a fairly simple and neutral design, suitable for all user needs.

The edges of the ring are gently curved, while the glass covering the screen is finished with a 2.5D curved effect. The display of the bracelet is protected by a tempered glass back and is treated with a very good anti-fouling treatment. Overall, the Redmi Smart Band Pro is a sports band with good build quality and finish.

Thanks to the water-resistant treatment, users can go swimming with the bracelet on without much worry. The ring can withstand maximum pressure at depths of up to 50 m. However, avoid wearing the bracelet if you intend to shower with hot water, because the temperature may affect the internal components of the device.

With a 3-dimensional dimension of 42.05 × 24.45 × 10.15 mm, the Redmi Smart Band Pro is a fairly compact bracelet with a 1.47-inch screen. Redmi Smart Band Pro has an overall weight of 26g (15g without the bracelet).

On the front, we can see a screen with a diagonal of 1.47 inches. The screen takes up about 66.7% of the front of the ring, wrapped around a mid-sized bezel. The top and two side bezels are about the same size, with the bottom edge being slightly thicker. The strap connects to the screen on the top and bottom edges.

The band of Redmi Smart Band Pro can be removed and replaced. At the time of writing, the ring was only released in a single color version, black. Overall, the Redmi Smart Band Pro is a bracelet with good build quality and finish, providing a solid feeling when held in the hand for users.

Redmi Smart Band Pro

Redmi Smart Band Pro: Screen

The screen of the sports bracelet is the type with a diagonal length of 1.47 inches. The screen uses an AMOLED panel with a default resolution of 368 x 194 pixels, corresponding to a pixel density of 282 ppi. According to the manufacturer, the screen has a maximum brightness level of 450 nit and is capable of covering 100% of the NTSC color gamut.

The area of ​​the screen is just right, making everything displayed above clear and easy to read. As mentioned above, the display of the ring occupies about 66.7% of the area of ​​​​the front.

The bezel around the screen, although not thin, will not affect the actual usage experience much thanks to the AMOLED panel and an almost completely dark interface of the ring.

The screen of the Redmi Smart Band Pro offers quite good image quality for the price segment, namely with good brightness and contrast. When used outdoors, all content on the screen is clearly displayed with a wide viewing angle, helping me quickly check notifications when needed.

The brightness of the display can be customized with 5 different levels in the settings of the ring. In addition, thanks to being equipped with a proximity sensor, the bracelet can automatically change the screen brightness to best suit the outdoor conditions, if you select the Auto brightness mode in the settings. This brightness change feature is not fast, but has a high accuracy.

You can open the display of the ring in two ways: by touching the screen with your hand or by raising/rotating your wrist. The touch method works pretty well, but there’s a slight delay before the screen opens fully. The second method has a slightly slower receiving speed than the first method.

Redmi Smart Band Pro: Battery life

Redmi Smart Band Pro is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 200 mAh – slightly above the average threshold compared to other product lines in the segment. According to the manufacturer, during daily use, the bracelet can last 14 days on a charge cycle.

Through actual use, we can conclude that the battery life figure that the company promises is quite accurate.

The ring is charged via a magnetic connector pin. During the charging process, the screen will switch to a horizontal display, with information about the current battery life and time clearly presented. The ring is fully charged after about 1 hour when using the charger that the company comes with.

Redmi Smart Band Pro: Interface and Control

The control operations of the Redmi Smart Band Pro are done entirely on the touch screen, the simple reason is that the ring does not have any physical buttons. This also means that you will not be able to completely power off the bracelet.

Navigating around the interface of the Redmi Smart Band Pro is done through swipes and taps: tap once to select, swipe right to go back, and you can also use long press. a while for some applications.

The main screen of the Redmi Smart Band Pro is the watch face. Every watch face interface has a fairly simple design. Long press will bring up a menu with different interfaces for you to choose from.

A swipe down opens a list of recent notifications, while a swipe up opens a screen with available apps. But before talking about those apps, we will analyze the widgets of the bracelet.

To switch between widgets, all you need to do is swipe left/right from the ring’s home screen. By default, ring widgets can include the following features: heart rate measurement, blood oxygen level, weather, training progress, statistics table and quick access to some applications.


Redmi Smart Band Pro is a quality sports band version for the money. The bracelet possesses a minimalist and neutral design, suitable for different usage conditions of users. The ring is equipped with a fairly large screen, providing a good experience during use. Plus, with a long battery life, you can wear the bracelet for a long time before having to take it off to recharge.

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Plus mark

  • Long battery life
  • Big screen, good display quality
  • Comfortable wearing experience
  • There are many features

Minus point

  • The design is a bit monotonous

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