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Control the iPad iPhone completely by voice on IOS 13

Since Apple introduced iOS 13 in WDC 2019 in June, the Tinhte brothers have downloaded and experienced a lot. New features, new points, upgrades in this version have been shared by many mods, I have just installed it from yesterday, the reason why I have installed it is because I don't normally I like the beta very much, I often wait for the newly installed Golden Master, but now I have to break the rules because I want to experience a feature that once I learned about iOS 13 I was very impressed. This feature at first I found out that it is very "future", we can control our device idevices completely by voice, remove the touch action aside, that is Voice control (V.C)

Note that this article I took a screenshot with the demo on Ipad 9.7 2018 installed IpadOS 13 beta 2, because the Iphone is already filmed, but the setup is similar to that on iOS 13 beta and now VC only supports English come on

First, go to settings, accessibility, voice control. Then press the set up voice control button, and a pop up will appear showing the tasks you can do with V.C:

  • System commands & navigation: system commands and navigation
  • Work with What’s Onscreen: manipulate the interface elements on the screen
  • Dictate and edit text: order and edit documents

Loading 67231644_1144399812411654_5979615162124992512_n.jpg ...

Press continue to go to another pop up show with basic commands that we can say

Loading 66770890_655209118294128_1309541000338735104_n.jpg ...

Next pop up will ask if we want to help improve voice control by sending voice samples and working on the device to Apple? If you don't want to, click Don not allow.

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After all, the V.C button will be activated, now we can experience it. Now on the right corner of the screen next to the battery icon will show a blue microphone icon, at this time V.C is ready to listen to us. Here are the commands I experienced through:

first. System commands and navigation: opening the app, opening the music, setting the alarm is too normal. Now we can:

  • Go back: spin back
  • Go home: about home screen
  • Open app switcher: open multitasking interface
  • Rotate to landscape (portrait) : rotate interface to horizontal or vertical
  • Lock screen: lock screen
  • Etc. and many more guys find out more

2. Manipulate the interface bars on the screen: In essence, the VC will overlap the screen of an interface layer, and each section of the interface displayed on the screen will be numbered (or name), we want to manipulate any interface bar. will read "show numbers"Or"show names", Then read"statement + number (or name)"Attached on it.

The example in the picture is the home screen, I said "open app switcher", Will open up the multitasking interface

Loading f09fedc02618c2469b09.jpg ...

I said "show numbers", This time Facebook app will be numbered 2

Loading 84f4d1a51a7dfe23a76c.jpg ...

I said "two swipe up", Now a mouse pointer will show up on the god-raised Facebook app? ;)

Loading giphy.gif ...

That is the operation to open multitasking, turn off Facebook from multitasking. In the video, I even post facebook status using voice lun, so terrible ;)

3. Order and edit documents: to speak "open notes","show numbers"

Loading 946c9fec8e376a693326.jpg ...

Go on "six", The edit box appears, the keyboard is ready, I read" I love to be loved by you ", so it is correct ;)

Loading c7398fa69e7d7a23236c.jpg ...

I read "select word", You are blacked out

Loading f17516e7073ce362ba2d.jpg ...

Continue reading, "delete word", Immediately delete the word you

Loading 292ac882d9593d076448.jpg ...

The above are the 3 main functions of V.C that I have experienced, you can learn more about the commands in the V.C installation, in general, a lot. I have experienced over the past time, drawing some comments as follows:


– Very "future" feature, can perform most voice manipulation, can replace most touch operations
– Apple made this feature for those who have difficulty manipulating the screen, I have nothing but still enjoy the experience, but everyone can use it ;)


– Only English, only Vietnamese, perfect
– Trying to read standard English, I can't read it well, but sometimes I see her being impassive ;) The festival for brothers to practice speaking English

You try it and share it together ;)

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