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Contrary to growth, JD 618 helps Lenovo win nine PC titles

Lenovo President Liu Jun backs JD 618, and the strong team achieves its incredible record

With this year’s Jingdong 618 Mingjin retreat, the 17-year-old Jingdong has reached a new starting point. From the initial birthday celebration to today’s national consumption feast, Jingdong 618 Global Mid-year Shopping Festival has become an important festival for the whole industry. The JD Computer Digital, which is at the absolute home market, is well aware of the principle of “the one who walks alone is sick, the others are far away”, and join hands with major brands to reshape the retail consumer experience for users with high-quality products and services. Among them, The veteran warrior regards Lenovo as the hard-core brother of JD Computer Digital, and it has made calls for JD in 618 this year, pushing the cooperation between the two sides into a new journey.

One is a leader in the retail industry, and the other is a big brother in the computer and digital field. The strategic cooperation between JD and Lenovo has a long history. As early as 2012, Lenovo began to try to formally sign a strategic cooperation with Since then, the cooperation between the two parties has grown from nothing to deep. In 2016, focusing on the in-depth cooperation of Lenovo’s strategic new product launches, C2M explosive product development, commercial alliances, omni-channel retail expansion, and multi-dimensional marketing interaction, and Lenovo jointly customized a three-year goal of 60 billion yuan, which has also become a promotion An important step in the strategic partnership between the two parties. By 2019, with Lenovo’s strategic transformation and upgrading and the help of, the three-year goal of 60 billion yuan was finally reached at the end of 2019, which has become a milestone witnessing the achievements of cooperation between the two parties.

JD X Lenovo’s three-year 60 billion cooperation signing ceremony site

With the continuous running-in of the cooperation between the two parties over the years, the cooperation between JD and Lenovo in the personal computer business has become increasingly close. The Lenovo Savior Gaming Notebook, Blade 9000 Gaming Desktop and other products jointly launched by the netizens are listed as “e-sports “Explosive models”, Lenovo’s savior series desktops also achieved excellent sales performance in JD 618. Half an hour before the opening, the turnover increased by 200% year-on-year, demonstrating JD 618’s strong ability to carry goods. The depth of cooperation in areas such as explosive product development and new product launches can be seen.

Lenovo Savior Blade 9000 IIGaming desktop

I have to mention that on the first day of JD 618 this year, Liu Jun, Executive Vice President and President of China Region of Lenovo Group, landed on JD’s live broadcast room and started with Yan Xiaobing, Senior Vice President of JD Group and President of 3C Appliance Retail Business Group of JD Retail Group. The special live broadcast, for the celebration of JD’s 17th store, “Today is a good start for 618, and I wish JD’s 17th 618 to be prosperous!” The enthusiasm for JD 618 is full of expectations and blessings. And on June 18, the big day when was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Liu Jun, Executive Vice President of Lenovo Group and President of China Region, appeared at the gong on JD’s listing, and once again sent blessings as soon as possible to witness this important time.

The fifth from left is: Liu Jun, Executive Vice President of Lenovo Group and President of China

Over the past eight years, it has witnessed the continuous brilliant achievements of the golden partner of Lenovo and This year’s JD 618 has come to a perfect end. JD Computer Digital has successfully helped more than 100 brand merchants with more than 10 million transactions. Lenovo has won the “Nine Champions” of JD Computer Digital rankings and has repeatedly achieved great results. It is not difficult to see that the cooperation between the two parties has gradually improved. In the days to come, will continue to work side by side with Lenovo to bring consumers more new and explosive products and continue to optimize and upgrade the shopping experience while continuing the legend.


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