Content marketing and 3 effective tactics for 2018

What is content marketing? Why do content marketers need to change their past approaches to achieve greater effectiveness in 2018?

What is content marketing? Put simply, content marketing is marketing with content. In fact, while the amount of content posted on the internet has increased rapidly year by year, the number of content views is declining, according to Buzzsumo’s 2018 Content Trends Report.

The reason for this is because content marketing is getting stronger, and the content market is becoming saturated and competitive, says marketer Sujan Patel, co-founder of Web Profits. more. So, according to him, content creators need to change their past approaches.


Sujan Patel promoted more than 100 articles on more than 20 websites in 2017. Through that, he found some content promotion tactics that are really effective. Here are the top 3 content marketing tactics among them:

1. “Stand on shoulder” popular topics

When something is done well, it spreads widely. By leveraging a popular topic, you will know for sure that there is a need for it in the market. At the same time, you can also leverage something original and connect with relevant people to help promote your article.

When Glassdoor published a List of the best SMBs to work for, we knew we wanted to make a great article based on that list. To promote it, we reached out to 50 companies on the list, as well as Glassdoor. We use this report as a way to open doors and build relationships.

That way, we can gather information to create a well-rounded article, while also connecting effectively with people who might be sharing the article with their network of personal relationships.


As a result, that article on our website has a total of more than 32,000 visitors and 152 back links (links pointing to the website from another website).

2. Look for “content gaps”

Most topics are rewritten many times. But when you write about one of those topics, you can look for an untold “void”, and use your own content to fill it.

Back in 2015, when looking at the topic of Buyer Persona(first)I noticed something was missed. There have been quite a few articles about why Persona(2) is important, and many articles suggest communication with customers, but no one has yet mentioned what to say when talking to customers over the phone.

By shaping content gaps, I perceived a need and delved into that topic. As a result, I created an article titled “150 Buyer Persona Questions You Must Ask” (150 Buyer Persona Questions You Must Ask).

When writing on a large topic, think about how to promote it. I didn’t wait until the article was finished to start thinking about how to promote it. Instead, the promotion should take place at the same time as the post creation process.


In the example above, I started by searching for the term “buyer persona” on Google and looking for people who are writing about it and who are experts in the field. At that time, I approached them and invited them to collaborate on my article.

Out of the hundreds of people I contacted about 30 or 40 actually contributed to my post, and we got about 15,000 visitors.

This post takes longer than regular articles, but to create content that can promote well, sometimes you have to make a trade. And in the end, in this case, it’s worth the payoff.

3. Your content should be 10 times better than others

What is the most special thing about you compared to your competitors when doing content marketing? According to Rand Fishkin – founder of website specializing in marketing Moz, to make a difference, content needs to be 10 times better than its competitors. This is really difficult, as today’s market is overloaded and saturated with content.

“We can’t just say ‘I want to be in the top 10 of search engine results when people type a keyword.’ We have to ask ‘How can I generate one. Is something 10 times better than any current competitor? “, Fishkin said.

Creating content 10 times better, means creating content that can be promoted effectively. And when it’s really great or good enough, you can promote it as a product.

That’s what we did with our Email Outreach Playbook – a form of e-book that provides useful information on the art of sales emailing. Our goal is to get more customers from this content. We use 5 or 6 approaches, including launching on Product Hunt, promoting on Facebook and on LinkedIn. We promote it over a period of 9 months.

As a result, we had 40,000 visitors, and 400 more customers in the past year and a half. And now, this content continues to be shared.

So what is the key to success in content marketing? That is, it is not necessary to create a content 10 times better. Instead, you should create great content, then invest your best to promote it within a reasonable amount of time.

(1) Persona: a list of the preferences, needs, personality, personality, income and consumer behaviors of different groups of customers.
(2) Buyer Persona: Model reps based on the research of who buyers are, what they’re trying to do, what goals drive their behavior, how they think, how they buy , why do they decide to buy, where and when do they buy.

Bich Tram
* Source: Saigon Businessman


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