Consular war: Identity Chinese researcher captured by the US

Consular war: Identity Chinese researcher captured by the US

On July 24, a senior official of the US Department of Justice said officials arrested a Chinese person who was hiding at the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco.

The person arrested was named Juan Tang and will appear in federal court on 24/7 (local time). This person is not exempt from diplomacy because she is not considered a diplomatic official of China.

The official did not mention how the US law enforcement agency arrested Juan Tang, as well as the possibility that he was sponsored by the Chinese Consulate General.

Aggressive action: Chinese military officer is defeated by the Chinese army
Juan Tang in the Chinese military uniform. Photo: US Court

The US Department of Justice said Juan Tang, along with three other Chinese citizens in detention, were charged with visa fraud for lying about links to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Washington believes that the four new Chinese are accused of being part of an extensive military network operating in more than 25 US cities.

According to a court filing in San Francisco this week, Juan Tang – a Chinese researcher working at the University of California – lied in a US visa application that she never served in the Chinese military. Juan Tang was charged with visa fraud on June 26.

The AP news agency said that this researcher lied about her background. Agents found photos of Juan Tang wearing a Chinese military uniform. They also reviewed many articles from China to confirm her contact with the military.

Meanwhile, according to CNN, in an interview with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on June 20, Juan Tang denied serving in the military and said she did not understand the meaning of the badge on the uniforms. she was dressed in photos collected by the investigative agency.

In addition, Juan Tang claimed that because the school she worked at was a military school, military uniforms were required.

However, after searching the whereabouts of Juan Tang, investigators discovered she was a researcher at Military Medical University 4, also known as the Air Force Medical University in Xi’an, China.

The US and Chinese relations are now at one of the lowest levels in decades, especially when the two countries make moves against each other’s diplomatic bases.

A few days ago, the US asked China to close the consulate general in Houston, claiming it was the “hub” of espionage.

China called the move an “political provocation” and said the espionage allegations were slander. Beijing retaliated by shutting down and stripping the US Consulate’s license to operate in Chengdu.



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