Conspiratorial delusions Guilty of helping burn 5G towers

Conspiratorial delusions Guilty of helping burn 5G towers

A model who had been drawn into her boyfriend’s anti-5G conspiratorial delusions to the point of helping him set fire to cell towers on Montreal’s North Shore walked away without a criminal record, so she could have contracts abroad.

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“She was often at home, in a toxic environment imbued with mistrust of 5G technology,” said legal aid lawyer Ludovick Whear-Charette, as his client Jessica Kallas pleaded guilty to mischief on Friday at the palace. of justice of Saint-Jérôme.

Kallas, a 25-year-old Laval model, was arrested with her boyfriend Justin-Philippe Pauley last May, following a wave of cell tower fires, at the same time as wacky theories on the links between COVID -19 and 5G technology was starting to make its way onto the internet.

During the fires, surveillance cameras had captured a white Volkswagen car, which turned out to be Pauley’s. The couple were driving in this car when they were arrested by the Sûreté du Québec.

Desire to please

Pauley, who was convinced his life depended on the destruction of these towers, was found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder.

Kallas, meanwhile, pleaded guilty, as she helped him find two tricks, in addition to accompanying him in his crimes.

“What emerges from an expertise is his naivety, his self-esteem which was affected, but above all his desire to please. “

Guilty of mischief, however, Kallas got away with a conditional discharge of 150 hours of community service, as well as two years probation. This is because because of her modeling ambitions, she could be called upon to travel abroad.

Career on break

“She has had contract offers in the past, but her career was put on hold during the proceedings, as she could no longer use social media,” her lawyer said.

Crown Attorney Me Caroline Buist, did not object to this suggestion, describing the crime as “a mistake,” so that Kallas will not have a criminal record.

– With Christian Plouffe


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