Consoles in rupture – Xbox tests a new parade against the scalpers

If the launch of the PlayStation 2 will go down in history with the opening of shops at midnight on D-Day, the arrival of the current-gen, Xbox Series and PlayStation 5, will remain marked by supply problems. “In my time, it was not so easy to find a console, you had to fight …” we will surely tell our dumbfounded grandchildren, probably not understanding what we are talking about when the machines will have all disappeared in favor of a good big cloud owned by the giants of the sector …

Infamous actors in these stockouts and other rule emptying of shelves: the scalpers, these latest generation capitalists who are inspired by real estate investors, buying everything to make the products scarce on the market and then reselling them at a high price. Operating with bots, software programmed to spot any console on sale and automatically buy it in the tenth of a second that follows, they leave us no chance.

Xbox had found a first parade to fight against these vampires of video game stores, by separating the stocks of consoles intended to be sold “naked” and those intended to be offered as part of the Xbox All Access subscription, including a machine and a Game Pass subscription for a monthly payment and a twenty-four month commitment. The scalpers can not seize these machines, since they would also agree to pay a Game Pass for the next two years. In addition, the formula being assimilated to a credit, the payment goes through a series of documents to be provided and validated, which the bots do not (yet) know how to do …

A solution that does not solve everything, since the consoles sold without subscription are not protected, and the Xbox All Access is only sold with two partners (Fnac and Micromania), which only shelters one very small number of units.

So Microsoft is implementing a new way to secure machines, by offering Xbox players the opportunity to equip themselves directly from their Xbox One! As we know, in addition to the digital store offering games for download, the Microsoft Store accessible from its Xbox also offers to acquire accessories such as headsets and controllers.

Xbox Insiders, sort of Xbox beta testers, will thus have access to a new feature allowing them to buy an Xbox Series X from their Xbox One. This is not a privilege for the Insiders but more likely a test that could be extended to all players in the coming weeks.

One even wonders, in truth, why the thing was not proposed as of the exit of the machines?


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