Georges St-Pierre successfully retaliated for the defeat to Matt Serra a year later

Conor McGregor needs a ‘rebirth’ if he wants to come back!

Georges St-Pierre gave advice to Conor McGregor, hoping Conor could regain his confidence and return successfully after the defeat at UFC 257.

Welterweight and former weightweight champion Middleweight UFC’s, Georges St-Pierre, once experienced a painful defeat in his career, when he suffered Matt Serra knocked out after 3 and a half minutes at UFC 69. Perhaps so, St-Pierre showed great sympathy for Conor McGregor in the defeat against Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

According to Georges St-Pierre, it was important that he had a successful turn and made a comeback, retaliating for the defeat against Matt Serra with a knockout phase at UFC 83 the following year.

Now, from its experience, GSP gives advice on how Conor McGregor can turn things around in the future.

Georges St-Pierre successfully retaliated for the defeat to Matt Serra a year later

“I thought Conor McGregor would win, but I was wrong. I was surprised and wondered if he could keep his composure under the pressure of this loss?”, St-Pierre shared.

“I think one of Conor’s greatest strengths is that he can always create an overwhelming stance. I believe he can rise from that defeat. He is a confident fighter. The best I’ve seen from Conor. “

“Most importantly, I think he needs to” reincarnate “after this loss. Conor needs to make a few changes in both training and in life, which he thinks contributed to his failure. It doesn’t matter if those things are true or not, as long as he believes in them “.

“Like me, when I lost to Matt Serra, I believe the main reason is because I underestimated the opponent. Maybe I’m not nervous enough and practice isn’t enough. Not sure that’s the exact cause, but at least he can believe it to rebuild his confidence.



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