Congressman Greene: Critical Racial Theory Destroys Our Schools

Congressman Greene: Critical Racial Theory Destroys Our Schools

On June 18, Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene (Georgia) condemned the teaching of critical racial theory in schools, calling on parents to help prevent this.

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“We need parents across the country to join hands, like some parents have done, which is to join their school boards and make sure they are fighting for their children. our schools, while ensuring that no racist curricula, such as Critical Race theory, are taught in our children’s schools.” Greene spoke during an appearance on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show”.

“Parents across America need to remember that they are taxpayers. They are the ones who pay for our children’s schools. And so it is their duty to hold schools and school boards accountable to stop this critical Racism theory which is by its very nature racist and divisive.”

Critical Racial Theory has grown in popularity in recent decades through academia, government structures, school systems, and businesses around the world. This theory redefines human history as a struggle between “oppressors” (whites) and “oppressed people” (others), as does Marxism. history into a struggle between the “bourgeoisie” and the “proletariat”. It also labels institutions that appear in white-majority societies as racist and “white supremacists”.

Greene said Congress has just passed a bill to fund the National Children’s Museum. And before that, the congresswoman spoke to the museum director, asking them to remove items related to the Critical Racial theory.

Currently, Republicans across the country are trying to discourage the teaching of Critical Race theory in classrooms. More than 20 states have also passed or enacted laws banning the teaching of Critical Race theory, The Hill reported June 9.

On March 10, Republican Senator Michael Azinger (West Virginia) introduced Senate Bill SB 618, which prohibits teaching “Divorce Acts and Theory of Racism in West Virginia Schools”.

A similar bill (HS Proposition 2595) to ban “divisive” concepts in schools was also introduced by Republican Rep. Riley Keaton of the state on Feb. 18. Both bills have been referred to the Education and Judiciary Committees, according to The Hill.

Recently, on June 15, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that prohibits the teaching of Critical Racial Theory and Project 1619 in public schools in the Lone Star State.

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz, speaking at the Faith and Freedom Alliance’s Way to a Majority Conference on June 18, also repeated his answer when asked by a reporter about the reason. Critical Racial Theory. He emphasized: “The Critical Racial Theory holds that every white person is a racist. The Critical Racial Theory holds that America is fundamentally racist and racist [đến mức] Can not salvage. Critical Race Theory seeks to pit us against each other. The Critical Racial Theory also lies, because, [về bản chất] it’s also racist..”

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