Congressman asked whether Mr. Fauci profited from false comments about Covid-19

Congressman asked whether Mr. Fauci profited from false comments about Covid-19

In a radio program on June 8, US Congressman Jerry Carl questioned whether Dr Anthony Fauci profited from repeated public lies when speaking publicly. Mr. Carl suggested that non-elected officials like Mr. Fauci should also disclose their financial situation.

Dr. Fauci (left – Source: Noel St. John) and Congressman Jerry Carl (right- Source: Wikipedia)

On June 8 on AL Radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Congressman Jerry Carl pointed out, judging from the large number of Dr. Fauci’s e-mails that have been made public recently, shows what Mr. Fauci said. with the American public is inconsistent with what he said in the e-mail, so it is necessary to take a close look at Mr.

Why does Mr. Carl mention this connection? The Republican congressman from Alabama said that during the Wuhan pneumonia virus pandemic, Mr. Fauci may have information that is not known to the public, his instructions to the public could affect the market, thereby that can obtain economic benefits from the investment. This could be a reason for Mr. Fauci’s own contradictions.

However, this is just speculation, congressman Carl admitted that he has no evidence that Mr. Fauci committed wrongdoing. At the same time, Mr. Carl also stated that he could not gather evidence because these powerful federal officials do not need to follow the same accountability standards as federally elected officials.

Elected officials are required to disclose their personal finances, while non-elected officials are not required to do so. Congressman Carl believes the Fauci incident could be used as an opportunity to ask unelected officials to disclose their finances.

“My business brain tells me there’s more to it than that. My general feeling is that it will be well covered, and I should say that we are not certain to have an answer. But that being said – we have too many officials in charge of so many departments of government. I think for taxpayers, this is a good opportunity to ask our officials, ‘Are you making money from this?’. Let us see. Prove this to us in some way.”

“Because we have so many officials, they obviously don’t have to be elected, there are no restrictions on them and no restrictions on their investment. Dr. Fauci probably knows this 100% clearly.”

“I will soon say that I have nothing to prove, but the business side of my brain says there must be another angle here, and profit is the only other angle I can take. think when looking at this situation of his. Because his own email tells us that he is telling the public one thing, and is telling his partners something else entirely.”

Congressman Carl used the concept of “interior exchange” to explain the possible reasons for Dr. Fauci’s inconsistency. He said: “If you had the ability to know what was about to change, would you go buy stocks or invest? Or if you think no one is paying attention, do you want to take advantage of the situation?”

“I am trying to ask this question, not trying to say that this person is guilty. I would love to look at his (Fauci) finances from the perspective of Congress. I don’t know how we can do this. The treatment he received was not the same as the treatment he gave me. But should he be treated like that?”

“I think this is the real question: should he be treated differently than an elected official. As an elected official, all of my finances are public. If I trade or buy stocks based on information I get in Congress – it’s ‘insider trading,’ so arguably, I would never argue for it.”

“But you have a person in that position, he can go out and just say a single sentence can change the stock market. This is a very powerful question, we should start questioning our officials.”

Congressman Carl believes the time has come for influential non-elected officials like Dr. Fauci to reveal his personal finances.

Trinh Van, Vision Times

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