Confrontation with Russia: The US begins its patrol in the Arctic

Confrontation with Russia: The US begins its patrol in the Arctic

The United States will regularly patrol territories off the Arctic, US naval chief Kenneth Braithwaite said. He also said that this is one of the necessary measures to confront Russia, as well as China in this sea.

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The Arctic ice melts very quickly, turning the Arctic into a strategic area.

He affirmed that, in the coming time to counter the “claims” of Russia as well as China in the Arctic, Washington will have to act harder.

The international community considers these waters international and all countries of the world have the right to travel through them. He also emphasized that the US naval force will ensure that its partners have freedom of navigation in the Arctic region.

At the same time, the head of the US naval force also noted the fact that Russia is actively strengthening its forces in the Arctic region. He also said that the US authorities could hire icebreakers from their allies so that they are not inferior to Russia and China in numbers. In addition, he argued that the United States had an advantage in this area when its submarine fleet was very strong.

On the Russian side, Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that in the coming decades, Russia continues to strengthen its power in the Arctic and northern territories. He said that 70% of Russia’s territory is in the north latitude, so Russia is particularly interested in this area.

Mr. Putin has set out missions to develop the Arctic region and ensure national security until 2035. In particular, in the field of defense, Mr. Putin has instructed the deployment of modern weapons to the army. in the region and must build infrastructure and military bases in this area.

He also said that the military – political situation in the region continued to deteriorate. This is because many countries, especially the US and NATO, are seeking to capture resources and shipping routes in the Arctic region.

The Chief of Staff of the Northern Fleet, Deputy Admiral Vladimir Grishechkin, said that NATO is increasingly conducting exercises near Russia’s northern border. NATO has increased the intensity and scale of its combat and combat training activities in recent years and tends to be stationed near the Russian border, he said.

The Arctic region is home to 13% of the world’s untapped resources reserves. The arctic is also home to potential hydrocarbon gas fields, while reserves in other parts of the earth are slowly depleting.

In the Barents, Pechora and Karra seas there are more than 200 oil and gas fields. In addition, the Arctic also has many mines of copper-nickel, tin, diamonds, gems, gold, tungsten, mercury, non-ferrous metals. In addition, the Northern route will become more convenient to transport goods into Europe from China, Indonesia, Australia … So the war for interests in this region will continue in future.

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