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Confront the nightmare in the horror game My Beautiful Paper Smile

In a chaotic world where a mad king requires every child to be always smiling at all times, you are one of those unfortunate children. Named Joyous, you live in an industrial area and are forced to wear permanent smile masks. As you can see, My Beautiful Paper Smile is not a fun game: this is a horror story.

After hearing the mysterious voices in your dream, you decide to escape and explore the bizarre world outside your area: fleeing, sneaking, and solving puzzles to escape the Authority, a nightmare your, along with other dangers outside.

People and the environment in My Beaufitul Page Smile is made up of black lead, on white paper, on bright white lights with lots of darkness. 2D characters in the 3D world, moving in the world will make you chill the backbone.

You can download the free demo of My Beautiful Paper Smile on Steam now, or buy games during the Steam Early Access phase now.

Ninh Tran

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