Concertina effect of diets

Concertina effect of diets

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To be able to lose weight quickly with a regime, to gain the pounds lost by returning to eat as before, then restart a new diet to lose weight and once again gain weight. The repetition of this cycle for months and years constitutes the so-called accordion effect. This state of weight loss and gain is at the root of cases of overweight, obesity and episodes of depression. This is because resuming the previous weight after the weight loss effort causes frustration and hopelessness among some people.

Dangerous regimes

In a few years, people who suffer from this problem end up in a vicious circle. After each weight loss, the recovery of the pounds aggravates the problem and leads the person to adopt increasingly strict and often unhealthy diets. These diets, which usually promise very rapid weight loss, do not allow the person to go through the process of dietary re-education essential for maintaining the lost weight. As a result, the same eating errors are reproduced every time.

Health effects

For these people, it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight. The organism keeps in its memory the feelings of deprivation caused by the succession of regimes and starts to store fat as a provision for the next diet. Obesity progressively sets in and the levels of good cholesterol decrease, reducing protection against cardiovascular diseases. Psychological problems can also arise due to successive diet failures.

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