Concerned about security from Chinese cameras, users turn to Made in Vietnam goods

Concerned about security from Chinese cameras, users turn to Made in Vietnam goods

Currently, the need to install and use surveillance cameras is increasing, because this is a device that helps owners of houses to monitor, prevent theft or even manage their children. The role of security cameras is important, but there have been many cases where users have been exposed to sensitive images on social networks. From a security monitoring device for the owner, the camera accidentally pushed them in the unnecessary risk.

And to help users get more information around the consequences of using unknown cameras, as well as help users choose reputable security monitoring solutions, ensuring the integrity of the camera. For safety and security, TechZ’s reporter had an interview with Mr. Nguyen Viet Bang – Deputy General Director of VNPT Technology Company about this issue.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Bang – Deputy General Director of VNPT Technology Company.

Reporter: Recently, there have been many cases of leakage and distribution of sensitive images extracted from security surveillance cameras. This poses many risks to users and makes much shy person when the install this device. In your opinion, what is the cause of the leaked personal camera images?

First of all, it should be clear that most cameras today are IP cameras, devices with microprocessors and operating systems, similar to computers and capable of connecting to the internet, allowing remote access via the internet. In addition, surveillance cameras are also a type of IoT device, often connected to the provider’s server for device management, maintenance, firmware upgrade, etc. Therefore, image leakage from surveillance cameras can be from two main reasons: One is the software installed on the camera of unknown origin that actively sends information to the outside; The second is through external access to the device through network security holes, or revealing passwords.

In addition, at a higher level of attack, since most common cameras do not encode the video signal stream, when actively identifying the attack target, the hacker can capture (capture packets) the video streams on the network. transmission without accessing the camera, even if the camera has no security holes.

Also because the camera acts like a computer, if it is installed with malicious software (backdoors, trojans, etc.), it can also be used as a tool to mobilize network attacks as well as detect Scan/access other devices in the family via the local network (Wifi). In fact, in the world and in Vietnam, many large-scale cyber attacks have been carried out by simultaneously activating spyware installed on thousands of surveillance cameras.

Reporter: Concerned about security issues when using security solutions of unknown origin, users tend to choose domestic products Made in Vietnam. Do you think this is an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to expand and develop the security camera market?

With the fact that more and more personal images are leaked from surveillance cameras, and the general technology knowledge of internet users is getting better and better, users tend to choose security solutions products. security Made in Vietnam, from reputable suppliers. This is really a good opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to develop and expand the security camera market in particular and products with internet-connected devices and IoT in general.

Reporter: It is known that in October 2020, VNPT Technology launched an IP Camera product and a smart home monitoring solution called Home Vision. So what is the level of mastery of this product of VNPT Technology, sir?

The IP camera product and smart home monitoring solution called Home Vision is a component of the ONE Home ecosystem that VNPT Technology is gradually bringing to the market. With ONE Home, we hope to contribute to building a digital society through building digital households. The product is developed from the results of the state-level science and technology project KC.01 “Research, design and manufacture high-security camera systems” led by VNPT Technology, under the “Research” program. technology and IT product development for e-Government”, completed and accepted in June 2020.

Products are fully owned by VNPT Technology, design hardware and software, and are manufactured at the Company’s factory, with components from reputable suppliers in the world.

VNPT Technology used to be launched IP Camera product and smart home monitoring solution called Home Vision.

Reporter: As a newcomer to the security camera market, HOME What strengths does Vision have to confidently compete with other products of the same type, sir?

With experience in hardware and software design, research, development and production, we supply over 10 million terminals to domestic and foreign markets, especially most of them are high-quality telecommunication network devices. With complex requirements, high quality and reliability, VNPT Technology is confident that HOME Vision products can compete with similar products in the market.

In terms of device safety, the HOME Vision product is applied to inherit a number of anti-attack security features that have been successfully researched on the safety camera product under the topic KC.01.

The product has been and is being developed with AI (artificial intelligence) features/services processed right on the camera or based on edge/cloud computing, allowing identification of strangers, bad guys (eg. example in wanted records …), unauthorized access (climbing …), supervision of children …

In addition, the mobile app Mobile App (smartphone, tablet on Android and iOS operating systems) is completely developed by the Company. Cloud storage system, maintenance and technical support system operated on the cloud computing platform of VNPT, allows timely software updates on the device if there are problems. network security/attack, or new AI service features. This is also a factor contributing to convincing customers about the safety, security and reliability of the product.

Reporter: What segment does VNPT Technology currently position its products in? vHow do you serve other customers? Sir?

Currently, HOME Vision products are provided for households, who need to use more than 10 indoor cameras, in the same segment as popular civil surveillance cameras on the market. VNPT Technology also has a surveillance camera solution for businesses with the ability to manage from several hundred to thousands of cameras.

Reporter: Back to the security issue, what advice do you have for users to avoid camera hacking and unnecessary risks.

Users should use cameras with clear origin by reliable suppliers, capable of updating firmware to promptly patch security holes, after installation need to set/change the access password; Access the camera from trusted devices (personal phones, personal computers …), limiting the possibility of password theft.

For the internal network in the home, it is necessary to configure the firewall on the modem/router to only open the ports that are in use and block all the remaining ports, in order to limit the risk of the camera being hacked from the outside, as well as limit the ability to Ability to send image information from the camera even in case the camera is installed with spyware.

Today’s IP cameras allow storing video images on memory cards plugged into the camera, other storage devices in the local network (hard drive, NAS) or storage in the provider’s cloud. In the case of using cloud storage services, it is necessary to choose a reliable service provider.

Thank you very much for this conversation.


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