# Computex19: MSI GT76 Titan laptop integrated Core i9-9900K of desktop, RTX 2080, 4.5 kg

# Computex19: MSI GT76 Titan laptop integrated Core i9-9900K of desktop, RTX 2080, 4.5 kg

MSI GT76 Titan is one of the most exciting laptops at Computex 2019, mainly because inside it is the Intel Core i9-9900K for desktop which is famous for being super strong but also super hot. Yet MSI has put this CPU on a laptop, even confident that the GT76's cooling system is powerful enough for you to overclock Core i9-9900K to 5 GHz.

MSI GT76 Titan – Laptop gaming integrated with Intel Core i9-9900K CPU

GT is MSI's high-end laptop line, aimed at gamers who want to use laptops to replace desktop computers. Therefore, the products in the series are always optimized with the design of flesh-and-butter more than a lot of thin and light movements today. However, if all of the previous components are for laptops, this year GT76 uses the CPU for Core i9-9900K desktops.


The power of the Core i9-9900K item probably doesn't need much introduction, this is Intel's worst CPU towards gamers. 8 16-way multipliers are enough for you to battle all the current games, as well as comfortably edit images, create videos or just play games while streaming. In general, it is an excellent CPU, only one is hot and electric.


It is worth mentioning that MSI has integrated Core i9-9900K into GT76, a laptop the same size as last year's GT75 still uses a dedicated laptop CPU.



To do this, MSI has upgraded Cooler Boost Titan's cooling system to 4 fans and 11 copper pipes. The point of contact with the graphics card is also CNC ball, enhancing thermal conductivity. As a result, we have a laptop that not only owns a Core i9-9900K CPU for desktops but can also overclock it to 5 GHz (all cores). I will verify it when I have the official version, and Computex 2019 is just a sample.


In addition to providing enough power for GT76's ultra-powerful hardware, MSI uses up to two power sources with a total capacity of 460 W, using an adapter to turn it into a power supply connected to the laptop.

Racing-inspired design, SteelSeries keyboard, DynAudio speakers


After the GE line, the racing-inspired design continues to feature GT76 with strong angular lines, looking very cool like the Lamboghini supercar. The outer silver housing is made of metal, inside it uses hard plastic perhaps to reduce weight compared to the previous GT75's full metal design.


The screen has two options: IPS 4K @ 60Hz or IPS FullHD @ 144 Hz, all of which support G-Sync to help synchronize the scanning level with the card's rendering speed, avoid tearing and providing a smooth experience than.


SteelSeries keyboard with color changing feature of RGB LEDs for each key. Unfortunately, MSI has not switched to using mechanical switch.


At the bottom of the machine, we can see that MSI uses a carbon pattern design with three LED lights on three sides. You can see through the grid to see the internal cooling system, as well as we have a fairly large 2.1 speaker system developed by DynAudio.



Regarding the connection port, it is almost full with 4 USB 3.0, 1 USB-C 3.2 genes 2, 1 Thunderbolt 3, Ethernet, HDMI and Mini DisplayPort ports. It is quite funny that although GT76 is quite big, I don't understand why MSI only integrated microSD card reader instead of SD.


MSI GT76 Titan is not yet available as well as the official sale date in Vietnam. However, considering its terrible configuration, I think it will not be less than VND 100 million.


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