Computex 2019 - Summary on May 29

Computex 2019 – Summary on May 29

Computex 2019 this year has a lot of highlights from the company, especially Asus with the 30th anniversary of the company that I won a previous article. So, besides Asus, we have other companies along with very unique products.

As you know, Computex 2019 is an annual technology event held in Taiwan mainly for PC and Laptop manufacturers. This is an event where companies will introduce new products and technologies that will develop in the future.

MediaTek, ARM

As I introduced, Computex 2019 is a major event for manufacturers of PC and Laptop segments. However, there are still technology products related to the phone market introduced here and that is MediaTek and ARM.

The company has introduced a new SoC model that supports 5G networks for its mid-range smartphones. The new SoC has Cortex-A77 and Mali-G77 cores, which ARM recently introduced at Computex 2019 recently. The overall performance of the Cortex-A77 increased by 20% compared to Cortex-A76 which is appearing on chips like Kirin 980 and Snapdragon 855, still maintaining the 7nm process. The ability to handle AI tasks is also improved when ARM offers options for manufacturers who want to use ARM solutions.

Unlike the Cortex-A77 based on the previous microarchitecture of the Cortex-A76, the Mali-G77 has a completely new design, according to the company, which claims that graphics capabilities can increase to 40% and consume less electricity. 30%.

1 / Computex 2019

Back to MediaTek, the company introduced a SoC that can support 5G for mid-range models and has a 5G M70 on-die modem chip, which is directly placed on the SoC that the current 5G chip of Qualcomm is an X50 that can't be done yet.


This year MSI seems to be quite quiet among its Taiwanese neighbor, Asus. The night only company Computex 2019 is a unique model and also the most powerful model of the monster MSI GT76.

2 / Computex 2019

MSI GT76 Titon is a gaming monster with a Core I9 9900K configuration that can overclock all 8 cores up to 5.0GHz and can withstand for a long time. It also comes with the latest RTX 2080 GPU today. With these 2 hardware, the amount required requires the machine to consume up to 2 AC sources with a power of 240W each.

With the design that can be said to be the most "sticky meat" present in Laptops series, MSI can fully fit the cooling system well enough to carry Core I9 and RTX 2080 at the same time for a long time. In addition, this model has 3 slots of PCI PCIe SSD and 1 2.5 inch drive. Maximum capacity to upgrade RAM up to 128GB with 4 slots. MSI also fully equipped all the most popular and modern connectors on this model.

It has a 17-inch screen and has 2 options, FullHD 144Hz or 4K 60Hz. Currently, the new device comes with FullHD screen, 4K version will be released later.

MSI GT76 will appear in June with a starting price of $ 3600 for the lowest version and an overclocked version for up to $ 4800.


Back to Asus, even though I won an article for the company's 30th anniversary products, there are countless other impressive devices introduced at Computex 2019 recently.

First Asus continued to bring its "battle boat" Asus ROG Mothership. The Mothership has the same design as the Surface Pro models, but it has a much bigger lean size and a lot more bunkers. It has a 17.3-inch screen and weighs up to 4.7Kg.

3 / Computex 2019

With the configuration of the machine in the current top form, the ability to handle graphics or play hardcore games is not a problem at all. What is special is that the device can be detached from the screen and to the keyboard itself, so we can choose to use the monitor as an All in One model and use the external keyboard and mouse.

Next is the first mobile workstation model of Asus W700. The entire case of the machine is made from magnesium alloy with very good finish. The keyboard part doesn't get flex when we press it hard.

This model is equipped with a glass-covered Touchpad, but the area is quite small and located at the armrest. The touchpad also supports Numpad numeric keys with a side button.

4 / Computex 2019

The screen of the machine is designed with thin edge NanoEdge. The platform has 100% sRGB, 100% Adobe RGB coverage, 97% DCI-P3 and Delta E <2. The resolution is only FullHD, the machine has a 16:10 ratio to create a wider workspace.

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