Computer protection with Sophos Home

Computer protection with Sophos Home

To protect your computer against viruses, trojans and external spyware, you should use computer protection software. This article ElectrodealPro will introduce to you how to protect computers with Sophos Home software.

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Sophos Home software has the same features as Kaspersky. However, the remarkable point of this software compared to the leading Kaspersky security software is that this application is completely free. Sophos Home’s virus prevention and security capabilities are also highly appreciated.

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There is also a very good way to help users secure, remove viruses, trojans without using software. Only by tips Remove Viruses manually On Windows 7, 8 users can partially limit the spread of the Virus. However, for maximum security of your PC for free, use Sophos Home software.

Instructions to protect computers with Sophos Home

Step 1: Go to home page Sophos Home and create a new account.

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Step 2: Access Email to confirm information.

diet virus sophos

Step 3: Download Sophos Home

Computer computer sophos

Step 4: Wait for the software installation to take place for a few minutes.

Computer computer sophos

Step 5: Right click on the icon Sophos Home and choose Open Sophos Home to open the app.

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Step 6: On the main interface of the software, select Home Dashboard to connect to a computer.

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Step 7: Sign in to the account you just created.

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Step 8: Information about the computer to which you are connected will appear on the Sophos Home home page.

Computer computer sophos

Step 9: Click Add Device and download the installation package to your computer.

diet virus state sophos

Step 10: When choosing which workstations to protect, you get PC Protection Options.

Computer computer sophos

Above are instructions for registering, installing and using Sophos Home software. Please protect your computer now. Another fairly manual way to protect your computer without having to install software is to use Fire Wall (Firewall). Use way turn on and off firewall Windows in the computer to create a layer of protection against invasive Viruses.


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