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Computer infected with WannaCry, the city government in Florida must pay 600 thousand hackers

Not only are people who use personal computers and large businesses, hackers who use ransomware to encrypt computer data and then blackmail have dared to target big city governments. Evidence is that recently the Rivera Beach city government in Florida has to spend 600 thousand dollars to pay hackers to unlock key data stored in the hard drive of the city's public computer system. In addition, they have to spend nearly $ 1 million to replace the hardware and computers hijacked by hackers.

Three weeks ago, a city employee accidentally clicked on an email link, from which hackers could install malware to take control of the machine, and install ransomware to encrypt important data. Just because of this careless action, the system pays salaries to social service staff (by check, not by direct transfer), it is affected, the operators of the emergency 911 system cannot enter the information. on the computer, and the email system of the Riviera Beach city government was disabled.

The spokeswoman of Riviera Beach City government, Rose Anne Brown, said the city government with 35,000 residents is working with cyber security consultants, and that cyber security experts say they should pay. Money for hackers to keep valuable data. This advice is in stark contrast to what the FBI claims, it is never to compromise with criminals extortion. But indeed, not only the Riviera Beach government, but many individuals, private organizations, governments and corporations have done the same thing, paying to protect their data.

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"We rely on advice from consultants," Brown said. Hackers use WannaCry to encrypt the data of the city computer system that requires them to pay a bitcoin ransom, and the city is not sure after paying the ransom, the data will be unlocked, so the money is private insurance. In fact, spending copper coins can be tracked entirely through electronic wallets, but it is difficult to identify specific individuals to blackmail and consume bitcoin to catch and condemn.

In the past few years, governments of some countries and territories, or US and international businesses, have been targeted by ransomware attacks. Last month the Baltimore government refused to pay $ 76,000 to hackers after being attacked. Last year the US government prosecuted two Iranian citizens for carrying out more than 200 extortion schemes with malware, targeting both Atlanta and Newark, New Jersey. Both Iranian citizens have not been arrested, and pocketed more than $ 6 million in ransom, causing more than $ 30 million in damage to computer systems.

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Similarly, a Korean programmer was also convicted of using WannaCry targeting government computer systems, banks, factories and hospitals of more than 150 countries. The hacker is also thought to have caused the $ 81 million theft from Bangladesh national bank. This case is very strange, I will write a separate article to share with you : D

There are currently some software that say they can decrypt to unlock locked data by WannaCry, but they can only be used on older WannaCry versions, and there are also many cases that unlock themselves successfully without losing ransom.


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