Compress your photos with minimal loss of quality
IT Tricks Random Compress your photos with minimal loss of quality

Photo compression is crucial when distributing our photos online. There are several programs for this purpose many of which we have published in earlier posts. But our present subject has something special, and this is nothing more than the ease with which we can use it, but also for the quality of the end result. In short it will help us compress our photos without losing any quality.

This means we can upload and distribute premium quality photos in the smallest size possible. But let's get into the application now and let's see how it works. It should be noted that in our case we do not need to install any software on our computer since everything is done online with the application that will carry out our mission.

After logging into the application, click on TRAY IT and upload the photo you want to compress. Press Select file and upload your photo.

Wait for the auto-compression to go up and start, very soon you will see the result on your screen, in addition to the compression ratio you have achieved and the total capacity you have gained. From there, click on the button Download Your file to download the photo to your computer or save it to DropBox or GoogleDrive alternatively.

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