While not the most expensive model in the JBL series of wireless headphones, JBL Tune 230NC It gives users a complete user experience at an affordable price. The long stalk design of the pair of headphones provides a comfortable wearing experience for users, while also possessing a powerful sound quality and long battery life.

Not stopping there, the pair of headphones also supports active noise cancellation and the ability to customize the unique sound quality through detailed settings. Although not providing top-notch sound quality in the price segment, JBL Tune 230NC possesses a variety of different features, giving users a good user experience.

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Specifications of JBL Tune 230NC

  • Design form: Earbuds, True Wireless
  • Drivers: dynamic, 6mm
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Frequency response range: 20Hz – 20,000kHz
  • Supported Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Estimated battery capacity: 8 hours (when using the ANC feature)
  • Water resistance standards: IPX4

JBL Tune 230NC

JBL Tune 230NC: Design and Features

  • Long stalk design
  • Meets IPX4 . water resistance standard
  • Powered by companion app JBL Headphones

JBL Tune 230NC has a long ear stalk design, with a pair of silicone tips, providing a comfortable wearing experience for users. The overall size of the pair of headphones is not as compact as Apple Airpods, but it still feels comfortable during our use.

The design of JBL Tune 230NC meets IPX4 water and sweat resistance standards, allowing users to use the pair of headphones during exercise sessions without much worry. The product comes with 3 pairs of tips with different sizes, allowing you to freely customize to get the most suitable wearing experience.

Located inside the long stalk of the pair of headphones are sensor components, allowing users to interact with different functions through a few tap and swipe gestures. Through single tap operations, you can switch between the different listening modes of the pair of headphones. Meanwhile, tapping 2 and 3 times in succession will command the headset to skip to the next or previous song.

Overall, the JBL Tune 230NC’s touch operations have good performance. The sensitivity of the headphones is at a moderate level, helping you avoid accidentally touching the song change when you accidentally touch the stem of the headset.

When not in use, you can store the earbuds inside their charging case. This box isn’t the smallest in its class, and doesn’t have much in the way of exterior design. However, the box has a good build quality and finish, helping to safely protect the pair of headphones inside.

The box is charged via the USB Type-C port on the back, while on the front is equipped with a small LED strip, which alerts the user to the current battery level.

To start using the JBL Tune 230NC pair of headphones, simply connect the pair through the Bluetooth settings on the source device, or you can pair the pair through the JBL Headphones companion app. With this app, you can check the current battery life of your headphones, enable or disable ANC noise cancellation, and more. The app also has a dedicated section for EQ settings, allowing you to freely adjust the sound quality of the headphones to your liking.

JBL Tune 230NC

JBL Tune 230NC: Audio Performance

  • Good sound quality, strong bass
  • Can be adjusted with EQ
  • Relatively effective noise canceling ability

JBL equips the Tune 230NC headphones with a pair of drivers with a diameter of 6mm, providing a warm sound quality, with the emphasis on the bass range. If you are not really satisfied with the characteristic sound quality of JBL Tune 230NC, users can adjust the sound quality of the pair of headphones through the EQ settings in the companion application.

The highlight in the sound quality of JBL Tune 230NC is located in the bass range. JBL Tune 230NC’s bass has a fast beat speed and stops at the right time, without the phenomenon of encroaching on neighboring sound bands. In addition, JBL Tune 230NC is also capable of expressing very good high sound range, providing a good experience with many different genres of music.

In addition to the ability to play music via Bluetooth connection, JBL Tune 230NC also supports active noise cancellation, as well as crosstalk listening modes that the company named Ambient Aware and TalkThru. The ANC noise canceling feature of the pair of headphones has good performance when used both inside and outside the house, providing a good music experience anytime, anywhere.

When you need to listen to outside sounds, you can switch the headset’s audio mode to Ambient Aware or TalkThru. When this mode is activated, all outside sounds will be transmitted directly through the headphones, allowing you to be aware of what is going on around you without having to remove the headphones from your ears.

JBL Tune 230NC: Battery life

  • The pair of headphones has a theoretical battery life of 8 hours
  • Total battery life up to 24 hours if included with the charging case
  • 10 minutes of charging gives 2 hours of playtime

According to the manufacturer, the battery life of the Tune 230NC is estimated to be about 8 hours. This is the battery level measured when used with active noise cancellation. The battery life of the pair of headphones can be extended to 10 hours if you do not use this feature. In case you always use the ANC feature, the Tune 230NC has a total battery life of 24 hours if included with the charging case.

During actual use, we evaluate the battery life numbers that the company estimates are quite accurate. In addition, the pair of headphones also has a fairly fast battery charging speed, with the ability to recharge 2 hours of use time after only 10 minutes.


Buy it if…

Want to own a pair of wireless headphones with good bass at an affordable price?
Tune 230NC gives listeners a powerful bass sound, but still has good control and does not affect the remaining sound bands.

Are you looking to buy a pair of Bluetooth headphones with long battery life
With a battery life of up to 8 hours, the Tune 230NC is one of the longest battery life Bluetooth headphones on the market.

You need to find a cheap pair of headphones with noise cancellation
Although the noise-canceling performance of the Tune 230NC is not at the top of its class, it still has very good performance, especially in the price segment.

Don’t buy if…

You need a pair of headphones with a compact design
Despite providing a comfortable wearing experience, the Tune 230NC has a relatively bulky size, especially when compared to other high-end models on the market.

You need a pair of Bluetooth headsets with good phone call quality
Tune 230NC’s phone call performance is just average. Choose another product line if you often have to make phone calls through a headset.

You need a pair of headphones with a more comprehensive sound quality
Tune 230NC is a pair of headphones that emphasize the bass range and may not satisfy you if you are looking for a product with comprehensive sound quality.

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Plus mark

  • Strong bass sound quality
  • Long battery life
  • A comfortable wearing experience

Minus point

  • Noise canceling performance is not so effective in certain cases
  • The quality of phone calls is just average

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