Compare Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Triton

The same is Japan, comparing the old Hilux and Triton all have their own strengths that make many people wonder whether to buy a Toyota Hilux or an old Mitsubishi Triton.

Mitsubishi Triton with the advantage of strength and competitive price compared to competitors in the same segment. Meanwhile, Toyota Hilux reviews conquer customers by its eye-catching appearance and equipped with many modern safety features. So buy Toyota Hilux or old Mitsubishi Triton? For the sake of comparison and evaluation, in this article we will compare the Toyota Hilux 2016 and the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton.

Introducing Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Triton

Toyota Hilux first launched in Vietnam in 2009 as a complete import. However, the Toyota Hilux was not as successful as expected with average sales. Compared to competitors in the segment, it is still quite inferior in sales.

Therefore, the famous Japanese car company has decided to reform Toyota Hilux to affirm its position in the market with the 8th generation. many changes from interior and exterior to many modern security equipment. With these changes, Toyota Hilux 2016 has gradually become a heavyweight competitor compared to competitors in the same segment.

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Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Triton are two heavyweight competitors in the pickup segment

Mitsubishi Triton was first launched in the Vietnamese market in 2008 as well as imported complete units like Hilux. Up to now, having appeared in Vietnam for 10 years, Mitsubishi Triton has continuously improved and conquered many customers. Therefore, in recent years, Mitsubishi Triton has always been one of the highest sales pickup in segment. The old Mitsubishi Triton 2016 has been upgraded a lot from design and equipment compared to the old generation, becoming one of the formidable competitors in the pickup segment.

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Comparison of the exterior

Exterior of both Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Triton 2016 models are strongly and modernly designed. Toyota Hilux 2016 is designed in a sporty and personality style, while the 2016 Mitsubishi Triton is more dynamic and sturdy. Comparing the old Triton and Toyota Hilux in terms of size, we see the Hilux marginally better. The 2016 Hilux is 50 mm longer, 40 mm wide, 35 mm tall and 85 mm long wheelbase compared to the Triton 2016. In terms of the rear cargo tank size of the old Hilux 2016 is also slightly more than 30 mm in length. length, 150 mm in width and 15 mm in height.

Size specifications

2016 Toyota Hilux

Mitsubishi Triton 2016

Length x width x height (mm)

5330 x 1855 x 1815

5280 x 1815 x 1780

Wheelbase (mm)

3085 3000

Ground clearance (mm)

286 205

Radius of rotation (m)

6.4 5.9

Tire size

265 / 65R17 245 / 65R17

Car head

The first part of the old Hilux pickup 2016 designed to look neat, delicate and youthful. On the capo and front bumper there are ribs that are both strong and flexible. The front lights are seamlessly connected to the grille. The fog lights combined with the air cavity form a very personality A-shape. In addition, the old Toyota Hilux 2016 is also equipped with an LED backlight system, the headlights are capable of turning on and off and automatically adjusting the angle.

Exterior Toyota Hilux 2016 has a personality and sporty style

The front part of the old Triton 2016 is also designed in a youthful and modern style. Shiny chrome-plated grille adds to the luxury of the car. The front lights connected to the grille make the front of the car somewhat more aggressive than the opponent. Big wind cavity and two sides are fog lights creating a unique and impressive look. Lenticular headlights are also capable of self-height adjustment like the old 2016 Toyota Hilux.

Vehicle body

The bodywork of both models impresses viewers with embossed veins running along the bodywork. The rearview mirror system is electrically adjusted / folded chromium and integrated with turn signal indicator. The old Toyota Hilux 2016 is equipped with 17-inch 3-spoke alloy wheels to create a strong and dynamic look. The wheels of the old Mitsubishi Triton 2016 were designed with 12 symmetrical wings with a size of 16 or 17 inches.

Exterior Mitsubishi Triton 2016 is inclined to be dynamic and sturdy


The tail of the old Toyota Hilux 2016 is designed to be more prominent than the old Triton 2016. The rear bumper of the Hilux is impressively designed and more compact than the Triton. The old Triton 2016 is designed to be more aggressive with the rear lights connected to the hood by two embossed ribbed lines.

Comparison of the interior

Interior space

According to experience mua old Hilux car and the old Triton 2016, users evaluated that the 2-car space was designed in an elegant and modern style, very spacious and comfortable. However, comparing the old Triton and Hilux cars about the interior space, the Triton is somewhat more spacious and comfortable.

The interior space of the old Mitsubishi Triton 2016 is more spacious than the Hilux

The seat system in both models is upholstered in luxury leather material. The driver’s seat is electrically adjusted in 8 directions and the auxiliary seat is 4-way mechanical with the backrest hugging the seat. The rear seats are designed with headrests and armrests. However, the strong point of the seat system in Triton is the ability to tilt the seat back 25 degrees, making the occupant very comfortable and comfortable. And the strength of the Hilux is that the seat cushion is thick and there is an extra air hole in the rear seats.

Taplo of the old Triton 2016 model is harmoniously designed and proportionate with a neat watch cluster. The central touch screen has integrated a number of control function buttons to help the driver easily and concentrate on driving. The old Hilux 2016 model integrates a number of buttons and is covered with smooth plastic. The taplo board is covered with a leatherette material that enhances the elegance and modernity. Hilux 3-spoke leather steering wheel with integrated many function keys. Triton’s steering wheel is simply designed with two sport gear shift paddles.

Equipped with comfort

Many people rated the old Hilux in terms of comfort equipment somewhat compared to the old Mitsubishi Triton. The Mitsubishi Triton 2016 entertainment system includes a 6.1-inch multifunction touch screen, DVD player, card reader, 6-speaker audio, AUX / USB / Bluetooth connectivity. The old Toyota Hilux is only equipped with a CD player, a monochrome screen and other devices similar to Triton such as a 6-speaker sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, AUX, and USB. Toyota Hilux 2016 is equipped with a single-zone automatic air conditioning system and the second row of seats has an extra air vents. The 2016 Mitsubishi Triton is equipped with an independent two-zone air conditioning system.

Comfortable equipment on the Toyota Hilux 2016 is somewhat inferior to the 2016 Triton

Comparison of engine specifications


The 2016 Mitsubishi Triton is equipped with a smaller capacity engine system than the Toyota Hilux. However, if the old Mitsubishi Triton is evaluated for strength, it is superior to the old 2016 Hilux thanks to the turbocharger.

Technical specifications

2016 Toyota Hilux

Mitsubishi Triton 2016


Diesel 3.0L, DOHC, 4 cylinder, 16 double valve

Diesel 2.5 DI-D VGT 5 cylinders

Maximum power (horsepower)

161 176

Torque (Nm)

360 400

5-speed automatic or 6-speed floor

5-level automatic


Both models are equipped with independent front suspension, double swingarm, behind tweezers. However, the cross section of Hilux’s frame has many welding points and increased by 20 mm, so the load capacity and durability are better than Triton. Although Mitsubishi Triton uses a 5-speed automatic transmission, it is equipped with a gearshift pad on the steering wheel, so it has good climbing ability. Performance of both models is highly appreciated for its durability and smoothness. The Hilux’s soundproofing is improved, so the operation is somewhat quieter than that of its rival Triton.

Triton’s engine power is superior to that of Hilux

According to the manufacturer’s announcement, both models are capable of carrying more than 1 ton. However, according to users, the old Toyota Hilux is somewhat more loving than rival Triton. In terms of fuel consumption, the old Mitsubishi Triton 2016 consumes about 11 liters / 100 km of mixed roads. And the old Toyota Hilux 2016 consumes about 7.3 liters / 100 km of mixed roads. Thus, in terms of fuel economy, Hilux 2016 is much older than Triton and has always been rated as the leading fuel-saving pickup in the segment.

The old Toyota Hilux 2016 is likely to be more fuel efficient than the Triton

Comparison of safety equipment

Evaluation of safety equipment on the old Toyota Hilux 2016 outperforms the old 2016 Mitsubishi Triton. Toyota Hilux 2016 old is fully equipped with more modern safety features however the old 2016 Triton. However, the old Triton 2016 is enhanced by the manufacturer with a sturdy RISE chassis and is capable of absorbing impact force and automatically straining the belt when a collision occurs.

Safety equipment

2016 Toyota Hilux

Mitsubishi Triton 2016

Anti-lock braking system

Have Have

Electronic brake force distribution system

Have Have


Have Are not

Brake assist system

Have Are not

Assist to begin across hill

Have Are not

Anti-theft system

Are not Have

Steering column topple

Are not Have

Electronic car body stabilization

Have Are not

Active traction control

Have Are not

Emergency brake lights

Have Are not

Assist to begin across hill

Have Are not

Air bag

7 2

Should I buy an old Toyota Hilux or an old Mitsubishi Triton?

In the old car market, Toyota Hilux and old 2016 Mitsubishi Triton are sold for many different prices. Currently, the price of old Toyota Hilux 2016 sold ranges from 580 million to 780 million dong. The price of the old Mitsubishi Triton 2016 is much lower than the Hilux, ranging from 465 to 725 million VND. The price of the old Mitsubishi Triton 2016 is lower than that of the old Toyota Hilux 2016, which is completely consistent with the equipment and features on the car. However, each model has its advantages and is suitable for different customers. So which old pickup is suitable?

The old Toyota Hilux 2016 is aimed at middle-aged customers who like the durability and certainty. The old Mitsubishi Triton 2016 is aimed at young customers who need to move their families. Depending on the purpose of use and preferences, users can choose to buy suitable used pickup trucks.

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