Compare Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Compare Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Comparing Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Fortuner wins thanks to brand name while Pajero Sport attracts design and performance.

Introduction of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner

The latest generation of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner models launched at almost the same time. Mitsubishi has created for the Pajero Sport a very strong, Samurai design. And Toyota Fortuner, according to experts, is a 7-seat SUV that is both bunker but also elegant and refined in the style of traditional Japanese cars.

Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

In the same 7-seat segment, with the same Japanese brand origin, Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport have many similarities. This makes many car buyers wonder whether to buy Pajero Sport or Fortuner. Let’s compare Pajero Sport and Fortuner to find your answer!

Comparison of the exterior

Both Japanese car manufacturers intentionally design the exterior of their 7-seater SUV in a strong and aggressive style. However, somewhere in both the Pajero Sport and Fortuner, we can see the “Japanese car quality” that is sturdy, firm but old, lacks the style, sporty and modern as Korean models in the same segment. like Hyundai SantaFe, Kia Sorento …

About Toyota Fortuner oil engine, the first highlight is the very slender front light set, extending from the steering wheel system that embraces the two sides. The grille is shaped in an inverted trapezoid-style pattern with luxurious chrome contours. Front lights with Bi-LED Projector or Bi-Xenon technology, depending on the version, go with LED daytime running lights. LED fog lights.

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Elegant and luxurious design of Toyota Fortuner

According to Fortuner Toyota car company announced, this generation Fortuner is refined more neatly. But overall, the Fortuner is still bigger than the Pajero Sport. The body of the Fortuner is refined with sporty ribbed stamping lines. The 12-spoke 18 ”alloy wheels look pretty modern. Toyota also added to the Fortuner 2 rear discs for a total of 4 brake discs. Toyota Fortuner rearview mirror full of power folding / adjustment features, turn indicator lights.

In general, although experts and users appreciate the Toyota Fortuner is quite good, it must still be recognized that the Fortuner design remains neutral. The design of the car is “too safe”, as per the traditional business view of Japanese automaker Toyota.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport “eat points” than Toyota Fortuner in terms of exterior design. Dynamic Shield language has made Pajero Sport more sleek. The Pajero Sport front end is designed in an X shape, attracting with a powerful chrome-plated steering wheel. Xenon front light system – LED daytime connection seamlessly with the steering wheel creates an impressive beauty.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport “eat point” with eye-catching exterior design

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport’s muscular look is clearly shown on the body of the car by floating veins. According to the share, the company carefully calculates the air resistance parameters according to the aerodynamic principle when the vehicle is operating. The rear of the car looks very unique from a distance with strange rear lights extending from the glass to the rear bumper. The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport looks more prominent and has an SUV’s soul than the “pale neutral” look of the Fortuner.

Comparison of size specifications of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner:

Toyota Fortuner Specifications – size Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
4,795 Length (mm) 4,785
1,855 Width (mm) 1,815
1,835 High (mm) 1,805
2,745 Wheelbase (mm) 2,800
219 Ground clearance (mm) 218
5.8 Radius of rotation (m) 5.6

Comparison of the exterior

The interior space of both these 7-seater SUVs is quite comfortable and comfortable. According to the general assessment, Toyota Fortuner focuses more on usability while Pajero Sport is more “dreamy” when investing in both design and equipment.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport spends a lot of care on interior space. The car uses a lot of wood cladding details for the taplo, the center screen rim, the gear lever, the armrest on the door tap … Similarly, Toyota Fortuner also uses many quality imitation wood.

A close-up of the Pajero Sport’s interior compartment

With a Sport-oriented SUV, steering wheel, touch point and bringing the most experience to the driver, Mitsubishi is favored. The steering wheel is designed by the company as a four-spoke “X” shape. Compared with the monotonous T-steering wheel of the Toyota Fortuner, the Pajero Sport looks better. The steering wheel of both cars is fully integrated with the function buttons: Hands Free hands-free voice, volume adjustment … and the sports gear switch.

A close-up of the interior of Fortuner 2018

In terms of comfort equipment, the Toyota Fortuner has been focused on upgrading practical conveniences. The car is equipped with DVD screen with central touch screen, supports GPS connection, T-connect, Bluetooth, AUX … Mitsubishi Pajero Sport also has similar equipment.

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Let’s talk about the seat system on the two models. At Toyota Fortuner, the company equips premium leather material for the seat system in the premium version. The first row of seats in the cockpit has an 8-way electric function, flexible sliding features. The second row of seats is wide and airy. But the third row of seats is quite tight and easy to play with the ceiling so it is suitable for younger children.

The second row of the Toyota Fortuner is quite spacious

Like the Toyota Fortuner, the front seats on the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport also feature electric adjustment. The seats are as spacious as the Toyota Fortuner. The Pajero Sport’s total legroom in three rows of seats is 2,585 mm, which is quite comfortable than the Toyota Fortuner 2,484 mm. One notable advantage Pajero Sport is that the capacity of the luggage compartment when folded two rows of seats is 1,624L, much more than the Fortuner 1,080L figure.

Regarding the air conditioning system on the two SUVs, we can see that there is also a difference in features equipped. According to the assessment, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has an independent and automatic 2-zone air conditioning system that is more efficient than the opponent. There are 4 built-in wind levels in the dashboard that are quite convenient and Mitsubishi has evenly arranged the air vents throughout the seat.

Compare engine specifications

Comparison of specifications of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner:

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 4 × 4 AT

Technical specifications

Toyota Fortuner 2.7V 4 × 4 AT

Petrol, MIVEC-Direct injection Engine Gasoline, 4 cylinders, Dual VVT4
2,888cc Capacity 2.694cc
220 hp Wattage 164 hp
285Nm Torque 245Nm
8-level automatic Gear 6-level automatic
2 Bridges – Super Select Drive 2 bridges

“Born to offroad”, the Pajero Sport has built-in 4 extremely flexible mounting modes. The offroad mode of this sporty SUV is quite effective. Four offroad driving modes Gravel – Sand – Mud – Rock (Gravel – Mud – Sand – Rock) are available to help the operator confidently conquer all terrains as well as obstacles. You have to really experience this “wild” quality to know if the Pajero Sport is good or not.

Cross-country ability helps Pajero Sport become unmatched in the segment

The commendable point on the two models this year is the significantly improved sound insulation. During the operation, you will feel the quietness is worth it.

Compare on safety equipment

List of safety equipment on the two models Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and Toyota Fortuner are similar:

Safety equipment Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Toyota Fortuner
Brake function ABS / EBD / BA Have Have
Electronic balance Have Have
Departure across the slope Have Have
Support downhill Have Have
Vehicle rear stabilizer Have Have
Blind spot warning Have Are not
Camera 360 degrees Back
Number of air bags 7 7
Front brake Ventilation disc Plate
Rear brake Ventilation disc Funeral drum
Unintended anti-acceleration system Have Are not

The default number of airbags on the Pajero Sport is 7, but on the Toyota Fortuner it will be different depending on the version. Although fully equipped with modern safety technologies, the Toyota Fortuner still loses to Pajero Sport in some criteria such as blind spot warning or unwanted anti-acceleration function.

Should buy Toyota Fortuner or Mitsubishi Pajero Sport?

Car prices ask Latest Toyota Fortuner:

  • Toyota Fortuner 2.4 G 4 × 2 MT (CKD): VND 1,033 million
  • Toyota Fortuner 2.4 G 4 × 2 AT (CKD): VND 1,096 million
  • Toyota Fortuner 2.8 4 × 4 AT (CKD): VND 1,354 million
  • Toyota Fortuner 2.7 V 4 × 2 AT TRD (CKD): VND 1,199 million
  • Toyota Fortuner 2.7 V 4 × 2 AT (CBU): 1,150 million dong
  • Toyota Fortuner 2.7 V 4 × 4 AT (CBU): 1,236 million VND

Latest price of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport:

  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2.4 MT (4 × 2) engine oil: 980.5 million VND
  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2.4 AT (4 × 2) engine oil: 1,062 million VND
  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 3.0 AT (4 × 2) gasoline engine: 1,092 million VND
  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 3.0 AT Premium (4 × 2) gasoline engine: 1,160 million VND
  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 3.0 AT (4 × 4) gasoline engine: 1,182 million VND
  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 3.0 AT Premium (4 × 4) gasoline engine: 1,250 million VND

The price of the Toyota Fortuner and the Pajero Sport are similar, but the engine and operation of the Pajero Sport are superior.

The Pajero Sport is one of the best 7-seater SUVs of the year

The two 7-seater SUVs worth buying this year are really targeted at two different types of customers. Toyota Fortuner will be the choice of “fans” of Toyota brand with the advantages of durability, benevolence, practicality and economy. Toyota Fortuner is suitable for choosing to be a family car, business car or service business car …

Toyota Fortuner has always been a highly economical choice

Mitsubishi’s Pajero Sport is a more breakthrough choice, suitable for those who are “tired of Toyota” but still want to find the peace of mind of Japanese cars, more comfortable equipment for each journey.

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