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Compare the Google Home Mini smart speaker with Insignia Voice Smart

Many of you are wondering between choosing the Google Home / Google Home Mini speaker and other smart speakers, such as the Insignia Voice Smart or Sony speakers. I have been using it for a while and have the following comparison for you to know how the features of the two sides are different.

About voice recognition capabilities

This array of Google speakers is usually better than third-party speakers, specifically Insignia. Speaker of Google Home and Home Mini is super sensitive, small talk that it also hears while Speaker Insignia hands up. In addition, the ability to receive signals from Google Home is also farther away, I can stand from the door and talk into the living room, the Google speaker is fully heard, Insignia speakers are almost impossible to activate even though they are placed side by side.

This is also the reason why if you want to buy multiple speakers to control smarthome, you should buy Google Home Mini, both cheaper and better voice recognition. This is especially important, because the Google speakers receive a new Vietnamese accent, the Insignia speakers are not as good (it seems that they don't hear all the words they say so they don't understand the full command).

About sound

This part, Google Home Mini lost to Insignia. Insignia's speakers have stronger bass, more detailed sound and much larger volume. For this reason, I mainly use Insignia as a speaker to enjoy music and put it in my living room. If you buy 2-3 Insignia speakers, you can set up multi room audio systems in multiple rooms, or simply put 2 Insignia in the same room to play "stereo" sound very well.

Compared to other 3rd party speakers such as Sony, Onkyo, the Google Home Mini JBL is not as good as it is, sure, because it is not designed to listen to music. If you like Google speakers and still need better music quality, you can buy the full Google Home or Google Home Max, but the cost will be higher.

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I was looking for the speaker Onkyo, according to @cuhiep, the best Google Assistant integrated speaker, to try it for a long time and have something good to share with you. Dinner on coffee Delicate listening is a bit small (but still enough to see better than Google Home Mini).

About size, design

I like this case of the Home Mini because it's compact, can fit into corners, behind the TV and shelves. Insignia speakers need you to put it in a more spacious place, but in return you have better sound so this trade-off is still acceptable.

Both of these speakers have a beautiful and modern design, suitable for placing in modern homes. I used to put them in the bedroom, the living room, the work room, and I loved them everywhere.

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Control ability

This part of the Insignia speaker wins the Google Home Mini speaker because it has built-in volume up and down buttons, you can quickly adjust the volume when playing music without using voice or phone.

In addition, the Insignia speaker has a small LED screen to display weather information. My mother liked this monitor very much because she needed to watch the temperature to go to exercise and other outdoor activities. Because my mother used to wake up early in the morning, I could not speak easily, just glance at it and see important information.


In this section, Google Home Mini wins. You can buy Google Home Mini on e-commerce sites like Shopee for 800-900k price, while Insiginia speakers have 1.2 million or 1.5 million VND depending on the place of sale, even a place it still costs up to 1.7 million.

Note that both have only portable products, none are sold in Vietnam.

I have a link to buy below.


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Duy Luân

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