So sánh windows thường và windows server nên chọn win nào

Compare the difference between win 10 and regular win

Windows is an operating system line was born with many different versions and uses … and the most prominent today is normal windows and windows server. So What is windows usually? What is windows server? Compare the differences between regular windows and windows server. Invite you to refer to the article of below.

Common Windows concept

Windows often is 1 Operating system set of computer software programs has a role to manage and operate the hardware devices or software resources available on the computer. The Windows operating system will usually have a mediating role in the communication between the user and software, hardware of the computer. The main purpose here is to provide a working environment for users to develop or execute their applications easily and quickly.

Compare regular windows and windows server

The regular version of windows

  • Windows 1.0 (Period 1985)
  • Windows 2.0 (Period 1987-1990)
  • Windows 3.0 (1990 Period)
  • Windows 95 (1995 Period)
  • Windows 98 (Period 1998)
  • Windows ME (Period 2000)
  • Windows XP (2001-2005 period)
  • Windows Vista (Period 2006-2008)
  • Windows 7 (Born in 2009)
  • Windows 8 / 8.1 (Born in 2012)
  • Windows 10 (Born 2015)

Normal Windows tasks

– Direct role in managing and controlling hardware components such as motherboard, graphics board, audio network board …

– Manage and deploy some simple operations in the computer window such as: reading, writing, managing the file system or the data stores in the computer.

– Responsible for providing the user with a primary interface system when applications often operate through a library of standard functions to operate the hardware.

– Provide users a basic command system to be able to operate the machine: here it is called the system command system.

– In some cases, the window has the role of providing basic services for commonly used application software such as: web browser, text editor ..

Windows server concept

Windows server is 1 branch of the operating system used for the server manufactured by Microsoft. They work to help users manage their infrastructure to the maximum extent, help ensure safety, reliability or provide a server environment to work most effectively.

Windows server was born in the early 1980s, and since then the operating system has been constantly updating versions with many different functions such as managing the entire system resources on the computer, helping form the machine. simulation, memory management, process or communication between the computer and the user.

The version of windows server

  • Windows server 2000
  • Windows server 2003
  • Windows server 2008
  • Windows server 2008 R2
  • Windows server 2012
  • Windows server 2012 R2
  • Windows server 2016

Task of windows server

– Commonly used for these web programming or You should also consult and use Windows server if your website is built with Microsoft .Net technology.

– For MSSQL database, Windows server is the perfect choice, but with a few large databases, businesses you should choose different features on the Linux platform.

– Access databases can now be run on Microsoft Windows servers, so it will not work on Linux servers, so the Windows server is a perfect choice for the server. when you need to use an Access database.

– Currently, windows server is a perfect choice, the right choice if you are using some of Microsoft's shared services.

Compare the differences between regular windows and windows server

Windows server has more memory

The most noticeable difference between a regular window and a window server is the amount of memory supported. On the desktop version running Windows 10 Enterprise will have a maximum memory of 4GB on x86 and 2TB on x64, while the Windows server will support 24TB of RAM … but this number will have to vary depending on each version of it. This is the list of memory limits for regular windows and windows servers that Microsoft has released on its homepage, Microsoft Developer.

Compare normal windows and windows server should choose which win
Compare normal windows and windows server should choose which win

Windows server will use CPU much more effectively

In Windows server, hardware will be used more effectively than in Windows desktop, especially in CPU. Therefore, if you use a Windows server, the hardware devices will be used efficiently and optimized for high performance.

Windows server is configured for background tasks

By default, the Windows server will prioritize running tasks and services in the background, while Windows will usually focus on front-end tasks – Foreground. Although this priority may vary, the regular Windows version will not achieve the same performance as the Windows server version.

Windows server allows connecting to multiple networks

In the Windows desktop version, only limited connections are allowed for 10 to 20 connections. As for the Windows server, it may not, it can support more, depending on the capabilities of the hardware.

The cost of using windows server is higher

If you use Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 keys, you can install Windows 10 for free, but with a Windows server, you will not easily buy and the cost is also high. Currently the purchase price of windows server 2016 can range from $ 500 to $ 6000 depending on the business model of the business.

Should I use pirated windows?
Should I use pirated windows?

Should I use pirated windows?

According to statistics, currently there are more than 90% of computers are using non-copyrighted windows (pirated windows), then the possibility of computers being installed with pirated software, dangerous for computers as well as data in on the machine as:

Possibility of complete loss of data

All images, or documents on the computer installed illegally win the Windows will likely be completely lost without you knowing, and especially the information about bank accounts, facebook, gmail is also lost or lost. easy theft.

Stolen, identity fraud

Once you use the pirated win that has been installed by the hacker and infiltrates into your computer, it will use your computer to do bad things, especially more harmful if your computer is connected. Affiliate with your company or your social accounts.

Affect computer performance

In the pirated versions of Windows, there will be many malware that disable the software, anti-virus applications, make the trojans penetrate directly into the computer, offer a new port for the software, who Other bad intruders damage the computer's performance.

And to use the copyright window, you can contact the supplier key windows copyright Or also thanks to the advice of the website design company, especially Mona Media, because it is a provider of software programming services, reputable website design … so they will have to buy the license to use the company's own server or customers to ensure the security. highest for all data or customers' privacy when using the service at Mona Media.

With information about The difference between normal windows and windows server Above, hope to help you gain more knowledge about these two types of server operating systems. Good luck

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