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Compare Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S

This is a comparison of the indicators between two fully electric cars, the Taycan and the Model S. Tesla Model S has long been launched and is targeted at the masses while the new Porsche Taycan is geared towards sport. as well as high class. Both have two versions, the most expensive of the Taycan almost twice as high as the highest model of Model S.

Both Taycan and Model S come in two versions, one of which is more performance. In the name Porsche with Turbo, you will ask electric cars do not have turbo like internal combustion engine, that is simply the name only. In the Porsche portfolio, the turbo version is one of the most expensive.

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The two vehicles have not much difference in measurements, the Model S is slightly higher but lighter. Therefore, the ability to accelerate to nearly 100 km / h Model S Performance is the fastest. The Model S Performance has a higher peak power, but the Taycan Turbo S has more torque.

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The design of the Model S is simple and the Taycan is more detailed, sportier. The DNA of Porsche is also evident here, including the lamp cluster with 4 typical signal lights and the long tail lights running at the rear, like the Cayenne, Panamera or the new 911.

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Taycan's interior is full of Porsche, detailed, high-end and technology. The Model S stands out with the large screen inside, but in return it is simpler, with less details, unlike traditional cars.

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