Compare Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna

Compare Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna and Kia Sedona are two minivan models that share the advantage of spacious space and intelligent design with high flexibility.

Introduction to Toyota Sienna and Kia Sedona

The Toyota Sienna and the Kia Sedona are both in the family minivan segment. Toyota Sienna is a very familiar name and is always appreciated in the segment compared to competitors. However, the appearance of the Kia Sedona car has attracted a lot of attention from users thanks to its extremely attractive price.

Compare Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna, Both vehicles have their own strengths. Toyota Sienna comes from a famous Japanese brand that has a high guarantee of brand reputation. Cars Kia Sedona was born, giving users more convenient choices. Each model will have different strengths and weaknesses.

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Toyota Sienna and Kia Sedona are two models that are highly appreciated in the MPV segment

Compared to Kia Sedona, Toyota Sienna was born earlier and had a place in the hearts of users. In the US market, the Toyota Sienna is always one of the best-selling minivan models. The Toyota Sienna model appeared in the Vietnamese market from the early 2000s through the import route. Kia Sedona was introduced to the world market after Sienna, but right from its inception, they have made a big splash thanks to the extremely attractive price that is almost the lowest in the segment. Kia Sedona first appeared in Vietnam in 2015 in the form of imports.

Compare old Sedona and Sienna cars In terms of class, we can see a big difference, so the price difference of the two models is big. But in the minvan segment, these are two names that are always the first choice of consumers when choosing a spacious and comfortable family car. Here are some Compare the old Toyota Sienna or the Kia Sedona Help consumers make the best choice for them.

Comparison of the exterior

Comparison of the exterior design of the Kia Sedona and the Toyota Sienna through some size parameters:

Size specifications Kia Sedona Toyota Sienna
Length x width x height (mm) 5115 x 1985 x 1755 5085 x 1986 x 1795
Wheelbase (mm) 3060 3030
Ground clearance (mm) 163 165
Radius of rotation (m) 5.6 5.7
Tire size 235 / 60R18 235 / 60R17.0

The exterior of the old Kia Sedona is somewhat superficial compared to its competitors in the MPV segment. Toyota Sienna is designed to be somewhat modern and stylish, depending on the version that the overall size is somewhat different. However Used Toyota Sienna car review The exterior is softer, more harmonious than the old Kia Sedona. In general, each model has its own design style with its own charms.

The front end of the Kia Sedona makes an impression on the viewer by the details of the grille designed in the shape of a tiger. Along with that are many crossed metal bars with diamond-shaped dots creating a special attraction for the viewer. The front bumper of the Kia Sedona is gradually enlarged to the sides, making the Projector fog lights more prominent and fancy. The front of the Kia Sedona looks somewhat aggressive thanks to the front light design. The turn signals of the Kia Sedona are located close to the grille. LED daytime running lights around the halogen headlight system add to the impression of the front end.

Exterior Kia Sedona is designed quite superficially compared to its competitors

The front end of the Toyota Sienna also impresses the viewer by the grille and headlights. The grille, headlight clusters and LED daytime running lights are designed to look very harmonious, modern and smooth. The body of the Kia Sedona has embossed ridges running along the body, adding a strong, solid part to the car.

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Both models have an electrically adjusted rearview mirror with integrated turn signals. The wheel size in these two models is different, the Kia Sedona is 18 inches in size and the smaller Toyota Sienna is 17 inches. The rear end, taillights of each model are designed in a different style, but all impress the viewer. The rear of the Kia Sedona has a rear light cluster that is equipped with an LED form and a high-mounted spoiler with brake lights. The rear of the Toyota Sienna has a sophisticated rear light design and is equipped with an LED brake light with an electrically controlled trunk and spoiler.

The exterior of the Toyota Sienna looks softer than the Sedona

Comparison of the interior

Interior space

The interior space of the old Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna is considered the most spacious and comfortable compared to competitors in the segment. The seats of the Kia Sedona are designed with 7 seats in 2 + 2 + 3 style. The second row of seats, users can fold and push forward to make the luggage space more spacious. The third row of seats does not need to be folded, users can still easily access. With the seat layout of the Kia Sedona, the interior space looks a lot more spacious.

The interior of the Kia Sedona is harmoniously designed, modern and very comfortable. Car seats are upholstered in high quality leather. The driver’s seat has an electric adjustment function to help the driver easily adjust the most comfortable sitting position. The car steering wheel is designed with 3 children, leather and integrated with many function keys. The second and third row of seats are used for sunshades and anti-jam electric sliding side doors.

Interior space Kia Sedona is designed harmoniously and comfortably

The interior space of the Old Toyota Sienna It is very spacious and well designed to be very comfortable and luxurious. The cabin is used in black leather to create a very impressive contrast. The second row of Toyota Sienna seats is designed with the ability to fold, but cannot be folded to the floor. The third row of seats is fully foldable, increasing storage space.

The Toyota Sienna instrument cluster is impressively designed with a 4.2-inch multi-information screen. One of the special features that cannot be mentioned about the interior of the Toyota Sienna is that the mirror in the car can be pulled down to help the driver without looking back.

Equipped with comfort

Old Kia Sedona Equipped with modern equipment system, comfortable. The Toyota Sienna entertainment system includes a 7-inch multi-information display, CD player, Radio connection, USB / AUX, bluetooth. Kia Sedona is also equipped with an 8-speaker Infinity sound system. Kia Sedona has an independent 3-zone automatic air conditioning system with ion filtration capabilities. In addition, Kia Sedona is also equipped with wind doors in all 3 rows of seats, panoramic sunroof.

Interior Toyota Sienna is equipped with many modern and luxurious features

Toyota Sienna is equipped with Driver Easy Speak entertainment system and some other amenities such as DVD player with USB / AUX connection, … Toyota Sienna is equipped with a 16.4 inch screen in the second row to serve the needs. entertainment of the best user. Users can use 1 or 2 monitor modes so that they can both play games, watch TV or watch videos separately. In addition, Toyota Sienna is also equipped with a Bluray 4-speaker sound system, automatic air conditioning, …

Comparison of engine specifications


Compare vehicle engines equipped with:

Toyota Sienna Toyota Sienna Toyota Sienna
Engine Diesel engine, 2.2 liter capacity / V6 petrol engine, 3.3 liter capacity V6 engine, 3.5 liter capacity
Maximum power (horsepower) 190/266 266
Torque (Nm) 440/318 332
Gear 6-level automatic 6-level automatic

The engine power of the Kia Sedona is rated strong and smooth


Both models are appreciated for their performance and durability. Kia Sedona uses front-wheel drive. Toyota Sienna uses two options that are 4-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. Toyota Sienna and Kia Sedona are both considered to be powerful, smooth and durable cars.

The performance of the Toyota Sienna is durable and smooth

The fuel economy of both of these cars is average, acceptable compared to competitors in the segment. Old Kia Sedona review In terms of fuel economy, there is not too much difference compared to rival Toyota Sienna. Fuel consumption of Kia Sedona when running city streets takes about 13 liters / 100km and about 9.8 liters / 100km. The fuel consumption of the Toyota Sienna is about 13.7 liters / 100km and the highway is about 9.4 liters / 100km. Thus, we can see that the fuel economy of these two models is equivalent.

Comparison of safety equipment

Both old Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna models are equipped with many safety and modern features of the manufacturer. However, we can see that the Toyota Sienna is slightly better than the Kia Sedona.

Safety equipment Kia Sedona Toyota Sienna
Anti-lock braking system Have Have
Assist emergency brake force Have Have
fesdfcxcx Have Have
Assist to begin across hill Have Have
Start with buttons Have Have
Blind spot warning Have Have
Smart electric lock Have Have
Sensor parking in front of car and reverse camera Have Have
Support downhill and climb Are not Have
Support system to avoid collision Are not Have
Panoramic camera Are not Have
Air bag 6 bags 8 bags

Should I buy a Toyota Sienna or a Kia Sedona?

Currently, the car car cu The old Kia Sedona and Toyota Sienna are marketed at different prices. The specific car price will depend on each model, version and old and new condition of the car. Price of old Kia Sedona Life in 2015 ranges from about 850 million to 1 billion. Still old Toyota Sienna car prices life in 2015 fluctuated between around 1.5 billion VND. As can be seen, the price of the old Toyota Sienna is somewhat higher than the price of the Kia Sedona. With what is equipped on these two models, the price is completely reasonable.

So should buy a used Toyota Sienna or Kia Sedona? Both Sienna and Sedona are two of the most worth buying family MPVs. Choosing which car to buy depends on many different factors such as financial ability, preferences, and usage purposes of the buyer. It is best before buying a car, buyers should consider carefully and find a reputable car dealer to be MPV car buying advice 7 safe and quality place.

The Toyota Sienna and the Kia Sedona are both highly regarded models in the MPV segment. Toyota Sienna is suitable for customers who love a comfortable car, full of high safety features. The Kia Sedona is suitable for those who buy a car for the first time serving families, who often travel and have a moderate budget.

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