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Compare iOS 13 beta 4 and iOS 12.3.1, should I upgrade?

Does the latest iOS 13 beta 4 update improve performance compared to previous iOS versions?

This morning (July 18), Apple has just released a major version of iOS 13 beta 4 to fix the bugs that existed in the previous version and also brought some new features to iPhone users. So how does the performance of iOS 13 beta 4 work compared to the older iOS version of iOS 12.3.1?

To answer this question, recently, YouTuber iAppleBytes conducted a test comparing the speed between iOS 13 beta 4 and iOS 12.3.1 on 3 older iPhone models, including iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone. 8.

The results showed that the iPhone 6s, 7 and 8 models running iOS 13 beta 4 hardly had any improvement in performance when compared to these devices running on iOS 12.3.1. Apple's new operating system only offers a few theoretical performance improvements when doing tests on software like AnTuTu or Geekbench.

However, it should be noted that this is only the 4th beta test version of iOS 13, so it is certain that in the coming time, Apple will continue to optimize to bring users a better experience.

For more details about this match, please read the video below.

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