Compare Honda Jazz and Honda City: Should you buy a hatchback or a sedan?

Compare Honda Jazz and Honda City: Should you buy a hatchback or a sedan?

Comparing Honda Jazz and City, both cars have almost the same equipment except the design and structure makes many people wonder whether to buy Jazz or City.

Along with being a B-class car, the price of the Honda City TOP car is similar to that of Honda Jazz, except that City is a sedan and Jazz is a hatchback that many people wonder whether to buy Honda City or Jazz.

2018 Honda Jazz and 2018 Honda CityHonda Jazz and Honda City

Compare Honda Jazz and Honda City in appearance

The Honda Jazz RS version has an appearance specification of 4,034 x 1,694 x 1,524 mm with a wheelbase of 2,530 mm. Note, the remaining two versions are V and VX because they are not equipped with RS body-kits, so they will be shorter than 45 mm. The Honda City TOP version has dimensions of 4,440 x 1,694 x 1,524 mm with a wheelbase of 2,600 mm.

Jazz ground clearance is 137 mm, more than 2 mm negligible compared to City’s ground clearance. This Japanese automaker deliberately designed Jazz with a bright and youthful look to attract attention to young people or active women. With Honda City, this B-class sedan is expanded by the company when there are really many young families who want to buy Grab cars.

The design of the Honda Jazz 2018 is quite young with young peopleHonda Jazz design is quite young and sporty

Jazz car price range of 600 million, so the design is quite invested. The front of the car looks quite impressive. Chrome-plated steering wheel surface is carved with stylized shape of Honda’s familiar wings to create a quite solid and unique feeling. Full LED front light set is very high and attracts all the attention. Part spoiler looks stylish and sporty, integrated with brake lights. The highlight for the front bumper is the fog lamp cup unit designed in a sporty form. The set of alloy jante wheels is extremely attractive. And yet, Honda also integrated both turn signals and black paint for the entire rearview mirror to create a sharp look for Honda Jazz.

We look at the top of the Honda City car, the TOP version is produced domestically. Undeniably in terms of design, especially the front of the car, Honda City wears a very “masculine” look. The steering part of City looks like a mustache in the previous version this year, the company replaced it with a rather compact crome and is also a stylized form of wings – the Honda logo. This part is designed to connect the lights to create a true harmony. The front bumper on City this year is “honed” by Honda a bit, adding a thin crome bar with a sink color grille that is quite strong.

On the regular version of Honda City 1.5, the company equipped Halogen headlights with LED daytime running lights as standard. On the most advanced TOP version, Honda equips the Full LED light kit for the headlights and fog lights. Note, even the more advanced C-class models currently on the market have not been equipped with such a modern and advanced lighting system.

The appearance of Honda City 2018 is equally attractiveHonda City’s appearance is equally slender

Honda City has a set of 16 ”alloy wheels with multi-spoke shaping and a bit of momentum. The body retains the embossed ribs. One is designed to run along the door handle down to the taillight, the other is designed below the edge of the door to the rear bumper. Door handle is plated with crome, the rearview mirror is also integrated with turn signal and has a power adjustment / folding function.

According to many experts, Honda City has a tail that is not much different from the old City versions of the same generation. The large rear light cluster is quite angular with chrome splint and Honda logo, the name of the car and the words i-VTE. Still radio shark shape. The difference is in the sporty rear bumper design with black plastic details around the reflective lamps that are quite bunkers.

Compare Honda City and Honda Jazz about the interior

We take a look at what Jazz design and interior equipment includes. The dominant color is black throughout from the cockpit to the seat system. The infotainment system includes a 7 ”touch screen integrated with connections to smart devices using HDMI / USB / Bluetooth ports.

Honda Jazz is equipped with an automatic air conditioning system with touch panel. The cluster is quite modern and high-class, showing very visually full of the necessary information of the vehicle. The Honda Jazz steering wheel fully integrates the functional shortcuts needed to control the volume or hands free hands-free phone. Smartkey smart key is also quite handy. Spacious storage compartment integrated armrest. Cup tray is arranged close to the steering wheel.

Jazz's interior is quite eye-catchingThe interior of Honda Jazz is quite eye-catching

Regarding the seating system, according to Honda Jazz, the car has advantages that Honda City does not have. That is the “Magic seat” technology that the company researched and developed: the first row of Jazz can fully recline to 180 degrees. Unfortunately, Jazz seats are only finished with felt.

In Honda City 1.5 version, the seat material is felt and leather material for City TOP high-end version. 6-way adjustable driver’s seat, 4-way adjustable driver’s seat. Legroom and the ceiling are very spacious and comfortable for both people on and under 1.7m high. The two additions that are highly rated on this year’s City version are the three adjustable headrests and the armrest with drawers for drinking cups between the seats.

Sports style three-spoke steering wheel, on Honda City TOP parts are also covered with leather. Of course, there is no lack of a functional leather shortcut key system as usual such as the volume control, Cruise Control and two handy gearshift paddles. The steering column of Honda City also integrates the 4-way adjustment function (far – near – high – low), which people who have to go over long distances for orgasm because fully actively find the most comfortable posture. for myself. The Honda City cluster still retains the familiar delicate design in the old versions with three rather intuitive visual borders with color tones and visibility.

Close-up of spacious interior of Honda City 2018Close-up of spacious interior of Honda City

One of the things that makes the Vietnam market still doubtful about locally assembled cars is that the quality is complete according to many people, this quality still has a certain distance compared to imported cars. exports, even from Thailand or Malaysia. However, with the assembly line of Honda Vinh Phuc, the Honda City version has shown a “reliable quality” of details that are solid and the durability can be felt.

The infotainment system MP3 / video / AM / FM … on Honda City is supported by a four-speaker system in City 1.5 and eight speakers in City TOP. However, according to the evaluation, the Honda City 2018 car has a screen that is not really sensitive to touch operations and anti-glare ability is not stable. The air conditioner on City 1.5 and TOP version has an automatic function for this equipment. Through experience, the performance of this air conditioning system is much better than the old version.

Other details have been upgraded such as the Start / Stop function with the button, Smartkey, the one-touch electric / anti-jamming glass door in the driver’s seat, the rear seat adds 60:40 folding rate, 12V charging port along with Plenty of space arranged for pretty scientific supplies. The luggage compartment on Honda City has a standard volume of 536L. And of course the volume is easy to expand with the folds quite smoothly.

Compare Honda Jazz and Honda City in terms of engine / performance

According to published information, we see that these two B-class models of the Honda automaker are built on the G-Con chassis – a small force-absorbing chassis. And yet, the two models are equipped with i-VTECH engines, four-cylinder inline (I4) with a capacity of 1.5L. This engine produces a maximum capacity of 118 hp at 6,600 rpm with a maximum torque of 145 Nm at 4,500 rpm.

Thus, the power level according to the specifications of Honda Jazz and Honda City is the same with the same fuel tank capacity of 40L. However, there is a little difference although not significant in terms of fuel consumption per 100 km: With the Jazz version the figure is 5.6 L and on the City is 5.8L average. This figure is empirically evaluated in many mixed circulation conditions and in standard conditions.

Honda Jazz has impressive fuel consumptionHonda Jazz has impressive fuel consumption

Another common point is that both models use the same CVT gearbox – the automatic transmission. According to experts, this CVT gearbox on two models gives a smooth running experience in many road conditions. This is thanks to the support of the gear shift paddles behind the steering wheel that Honda equips on two models, helping to simulate shifting to a sport.

Another advantage is Earth Dreams Technology. This proprietary technology of the Honda automaker helps to save significant fuel. If the vehicle is operated in ECON mode already set and optimized, the fuel consumption level will be lower. Honda only equips these two models with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. Of course, the rear is still equipped with MecPherson suspension and torsion bar.

Compare Honda Jazz and Honda City come back safety equipment

Honda City TOP and Honda Jazz RS share the active safety equipment such as:

  • VSA: electronic balancing system
  • ABS: anti-lock braking system
  • BA: emergency brake assist
  • TCS: traction control system
  • HAS: support for horizontal departure (HSA)
  • EBD: electronic brake force distribution system

In addition, both models have a reversing camera with all 3 angles and 6 airbags. According to ASEAN NCAP, the Southeast Asia Vehicle Rating Organization, Honda City and Honda Jazz are all rated 5 stars in terms of safety.

Should buy a car Honda Jazz or Honda City?

Honda City price:

  • Honda City car price: VND 559 million
  • Price of Honda City TOP car: 599 million VND

Honda Jazz car price:

  • Price of Honda Jazz 1.5V: 544 million dong
  • Price of Honda Jazz 1.5VX: 594 million VND
  • Price of Honda Jazz 1.5RS: 624 million dong

We see, Honda Jazz car prices and Honda City car prices are not significantly different. So, should buy Jazz or City? After these detailed comparisons, it is clear that the two models of Honda City and Honda Jazz are aimed at two subjects with different needs. The Honda City model is suitable for car buyers to service businesses because of the spaciousness in the interior space, or for young families.

Those who buy service cars will think of Honda CityThose who buy service cars will think of Honda City

And the small Honda Jazz is suitable for young people, especially women with comfortable and convenient equipment. However, the price difference of only 20 million in the two highest versions of the Honda Jazz RS and Honda City TOP models will make many people hesitate to choose.

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