Compare Honda CR-V and Ford Escape

Once a best-selling car when it was launched, users have so far compared the old Ford Escape and Honda CR-V is still a prominent name in the SUV segment.

Introduction to the Ford Escape and Honda CR-V

Ford and Honda are two of the cult names of the auto market in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. 2013 Ford Escape is considered a “strategic card” that Allan Mullaly launched the market to reinforce the Ford brand. Meanwhile, the Honda CR-V 2012 rating, although there are not many exterior improvements, is still a bright candidate in the segment.

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2013 Ford Escape and 2012 Honda CR-V

Along with the current trend of looking to buy used cars, both the 2013 Ford Escape and the 2012 Honda CR-V have received the attention of users because of the outstanding features that it brings even when passing their hands. many car owners. Should you buy the old Ford Escape or CR-V ?, that is the question that many people still wonder. Based on old 2013 Ford Escape reviews and old 2012 Honda CR-V reviews as well as a comparison of old Honda CR-V and Ford Escape, you will somehow find the answer.

Comparison of the exterior

2013 Ford Escape is the 3rd generation of the Ford Escape family after 12 years of launch. Instead of the sturdy style with square lines like the old versions, according to a review Ford Escape 2013, the car has transformed in Kinetic style and inspired by the flow of energy. At the same time, the size of the car in this version is also larger in both length and width, and the height and underbody are a bit lower.

Escape 2013 is a model with a pretty eye-catching appearance. The front end has details such as LED daytime running lights, glossy black grille, especially large 19-inch alloy wheels in the SEL and Titanium premium trim package that make the 2013 Ford Escape a look. elegance when in appearance. The tail section of the Ford Escape 2013 is softer and tidy, making the overall car no longer like a “moving metal block” like its predecessor. The downside of the old 2013 Ford Escape is probably in the wheel part. Compared to the horizontal viewing size, the wheels are a bit small, so they are not very well proportioned.

The 2013 Ford Escape has a softer look than the old version

Ford Escape 2013 is quite diverse in color Ginger Ale tones such as metallic blue color of North American models, Ruby red tones, metallic translucent glass, Tricoat platinum white, Kodiak brown, blue. bold, black Tuxedo … The variety of tones as well as the good quality of car paint helps the 2013 Ford Escape, although used, is still very eye-catching. There are some that even look new, although they have been used by many hands.

If you compare the old Ford Escape and CR-V on the exterior, the rival Honda brand is somewhat inferior when it is judged that the exterior is not too new compared to its predecessors, too much loss. compared with later versions. The grille, headlights and rims are all quite similar to the old model. The rear end is a bit different when it is designed more sporty and personal. The noteworthy point is that this tail is stretched instead of falling down like the old generation, helping the Honda CR-V 2012 space be expanded. However, the drawback of the Honda CR-V 2012 is that the side window is surrounded by a chrome border instead of a more durable aluminum material.

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The exterior of the Honda CR-V 2012 is not too new

Comparison of the interior

The interior space of the 2013 Escape car has a fairly new style. The interior highlight of the 2013 Ford Escape is located in the colorful screen with convenient buttons. Besides the infotainment system, there are small air vents. Details such as the taplo panel, the control panel are simple but still very elegant and stylish. The seat system of the old Ford Escape 2013 is designed in the form of high-quality leather. So when buying a used car, you can also be assured of the quality of the upholstery. The seats are designed separately, with a reclining mechanism and equipped with headrests when pulling fabric on the seat. The storage area is also quite comfortable and large.

Those who have used the Ford Escape 2013 have rated the car quite comfortable and always feel quiet when the car runs at low speed. When traveling at high speed, it seems to still feel a bit of wind and noise coming from outside. But looking at a whole, we can easily see that investing in the interior of the 2013 Ford Escape is only about comfort, and looks like gloss or luxury have not been focused.

Modern Ford Escape 2013 interior

Like the rival Ford Escape 2013, many people evaluate the Honda CR-V 2012 is not inferior to the methodical investment in the car’s interior. 5-seater seats with easy-to-fold design and comfortable headrests. The seat set for the occupant has a higher visibility. The luggage compartment is also quite spacious with the ability to hold many items. On the steering wheel of the Honda CR-V 2012 there are flexible buttons. Next to the steering wheel is a system of clock clusters with multi-information display as well as utility features such as sound, cruise control …

Comparison of engine specifications

Specifications Ford Escape 2013:

2013 Ford Escape Basic EcoBoost Premium EcoBoost
Engine capacity 4 cylinders, 2.5L 4 cylinders, 1.6L 4 cylinders, 2.0L
Maximum capacity 128 kW 132 kW 132 kW
Maximum torque 230 Nm 249 Nm 249 Nm
Gear 6-level automatic 6-level automatic 6-level automatic

Performance of the 2013 Ford Escape is appreciated quite highly with the feeling of “loading car”, especially when using Sport mode. Even when the car is old but with such quality engine equipment, users can completely experience the feeling of driving that the old Ford Escape 2013 brings.

2013 Ford Escape operates quite “loading”

Specifications Honda CR-V 2012:

Technical specifications Honda CR-V 2012
Engine capacity 4 cylinders in line, 2.4L
Maximum capacity 138 kW
Maximum torque 221 Nm
Fuel consumption

10.23 L / 100 km within the city; 7.59 L / 100 km freeway (2-wheel drive)

10.69 L / 100 km inner city and 7.84 L / 100 m highway (4 wheel drive)

Gear 5-level automatic

In terms of performance, according to many Honda CR-V 2012 reviews, the car is characterized by quite fuel-saving and durable, just like what Honda brand has affirmed in the market. But for used cars, this is one of the most concerned criteria. Therefore, the old Honda CR-V 2012 seems to have scored in this detail.

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The 2012 Honda CR-V has fuel-saving features

Comparison of safety equipment

The 2013 Ford Escape is equipped with a number of basic safety features such as rearview camera, accident prevention radar, blind spot monitoring, active parking assistance. The outstanding safety equipment for the 2013 Ford Escape is the automatic auxiliary door opening and closing technology and intelligent parking assistance. In addition, the 2013 Ford Escape also has other safety equipment such as airbags, standard car ring control …

Not inferior to the competition, the 2012 Honda CR-V once confirmed its safety with a 5-star score of safety that was approved by the National Road Traffic Safety Authority (NHTSA) of the federal government. US recognition. The car is equipped with front and side airbags, multi-angle rearview mirror, electronic steering control system, safety brake system … The minus point of the safety system in 2012 Honda CR-V is the auxiliary steering wheel. Electronic forces are slow to respond, and create a feeling of discomfort, making driving feel unreal.

Should buy a Ford Escape or Honda CR-V?

The price of the Ford Escape 2013 is being sold with a fluctuation of 520 – 600 million VND, while the old Honda CR-V 2012 is being sold with a fluctuation of 590 – 690 million VND. In terms of selling price, it can be seen that Honda’s candidate, although older, has a slightly higher price than its rival from the Ford brand.

The old Honda CR-V 2012 will be suitable for those who are looking for a family and find comfort in an old 5-seater car. For those who want to find new feelings and personality and want to buy a used car priced at 600 million, the old Ford Escape 2013 is also a not bad choice.

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